Published On : Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Resident Doctors of GMC to go on strike after Central MARD Body okays their strike as valid

Nagpur News:

The Resident Doctors of Government Medical Colleges have decided to flay the increase of the tenure of MBBS Degree. The total tenure of MBBS Degree was only 5.5 years, but from this year onwards the tenure has been increased to 7.5 years. This also includes one year of compulsory Internship duty at Village PHC.

According to sources among Resident Doctors, they have decided to hold a meeting with the Central Body of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors. If the Central Body concurs that the demands of the Resident Doctors are genuine than all the Resident Doctors of Government Medical Colleges will go on strike.

The second demand is the increase of number of seats in the Post Graduate Courses for in-service Doctors who are functioning as Medical Officers in Public Health Centres from 25 seats to 50 seats from this year. Some Resident Doctors on condition of anonymity said that this move will reduce the number of seats for those regular students who have completed MBBS and are intending to pursue Post Graduate courses.

Many Resident Doctors allege that this increase in the tenure of the MBBS Course will make it costlier for the students and will make the course lengthy causing further untold for problems and chaos.