Published On : Fri, Nov 6th, 2015

Reshuffling of 6 Senior Police Inspectors in the city

6 Senior Police Inspectors

PI Deepak Khobragade, PI R B Gidde, PI R M Mahalle

: Six very senior Police Inspectors have been shuffled and allocated new roles.

Tough on criminals and antisocials leads to transfer

Police Inspector of Rana Pratap Police Station R B Gidde is said to have been very tough with the criminals and anti-socials in the areas falling within the jurisdiction of Rana Pratap Police Station. R B Gidde is said to have refused to cow down under the pressure of political leaders who had pressurized him to go lenient over some of their henchmen involved in anti-social activities. This following the rule book by the word has had its effect and the area was pretty quiet and safe for the citizens of the areas like Khamla, Pratap Nagar, and Trimurti Nagar etc.

However, sources claim that due to political pressure, In-Charge Police Inspector of Rana Pratap Police Station R B Gidde has been transferred. While speaking to Nagpur Today on condition of anonymity, some citizens said that they felt very safe till the time he was in-charge of Rana Pratap Police Station. During his reign, he had ensured regular police patrol and was often himself patrolling the area. His tightening the noose over the anti-social activities and criminals (who have contacts with people in power) has led to the transfer of a good Police Inspector.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Social Worker and Prominent personality of Khamla Vinod Jethani said that during the reign of In-Charge Police Inspector of Rana Pratap Police Station R B Gidde, the area was pretty free from the anti-social elements and criminals who used to frequently be involved in various criminal activities in Khamla and other areas.

Vinod Jethani claimed that PI Ravindra Gidde was impartial to everyone. Whether rich or poor, whether highly connected or not having any connections at all, he would deal with them impartially.

The first thing that he did after taking charge of the Police Station was to establish a good inter-personal relationship with every staff of the Police Station. He was instrumental in organizing Rakhi Festival where all the lady cops tied rakhi to the male staff (binding them with the Brother-Sister relationship). He took a lead and organized Ganpati festival in the police-station.

Vinod Jethani claimed that even he was shaken when he witnessed that the entire police station was in tears at the farewell function organized at the Police Station. Jethani claimed that it was the first time that he saw the staff crying over the transfer of another government servant who had been their boss. This was the kind of respect and love that he had commanded.

He had been very tough in ensuring regular patrolling and police presence on the roads. So much so that some of the police staff had told Vinod Jethani that the crime rate was reduced by 96% during the tenure of PI Gidde.

The Six very senior Police Inspectors include

  1. In-Charge Police Inspector of Rana Pratap Police Station PI R B Gidde
  2. In-Charge Police Inspector of Jaripatka Police Station PI Deepak Khobragade and
  3. In-Charge Police Inspector of Koradi Police Station PI R M Mahalle.

All the three Police Inspectors have been shifted to Crime Branch. The three Police Inspectors from Crime Branch including Police Inspector Gaikwad, In-Charge Police Inspector of Special Branch Londe and Reader of Commissioner of Police Sanjay Sangle have now been made In-Charge Police Inspectors of various Police Stations.

  1. Police Inspector S M Gaikwad to Rana Pratap Police Station
  2. Police Inspector Prakash Londe to Koradi Police Station and
  3. Police Inspector Sanjay Sangle to Jaripatka Police Station.

The In-Charge Police Inspector of any Police Station plays an important role. He or she is in-charge of maintaining Law and Order in the entire area falling within the Police Station’s jurisdiction. Any untoward-incident, crime, public-disturbance or visit of any political leader in his area leads to tension in manifold times.

It takes some time for the Police Inspector to get to know his area, get to know the nuances of the mentality of the people of the area, the known persons having criminal antecedents etc. Often it so happens that if a Police Inspector assumes a strict nature and wants to follow the rule book by the word; he often becomes a misfit in the chain of corruption. To add to that if he tightens the police-personnel under him to carry out their duties, often they get to unveil the role of many political leaders or highly connected persons in criminal activities.