Published On : Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

Reprimanded by DCP Chandra Kishore Mina for laxity in duty, constable goes “missing”

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In a development of far reaching consequences, a police constable went absconding or missing when a high-ranking official reprimanded for negligence of duty. The wife of the police constable too alleged that her husband is not be seen anywhere after Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone-4 Chandra Kishore Mina scolded him. She alleged harassment at the hands of DCP Mina the reason behind her husband going missing.  However, when Nagpur Today reporter contacted a police official for confirmation of the unusual   development, he, on the condition of not making his name public, said that the police constable is in habit of creating tantrums and resorting to dramas whenever he finds himself on the wrong side. This is his way of deflecting the real situation, said the officer.

According to sources, the drama was witnessed in Imambada Police Station in the city. The police constable, Sunil Rahdave alias Sunil Topi (in his friend circle) was on Charlie Duty in the night of June 13. A chain-snatching crime was reported from Ashok Chowk area that came under Sunil’s beat. However, the action of Sunil Rahdave was found totally negligent, irresponsible that amounted to dereliction of duty. At the same time, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Zone-4 Chandra Kishore Mina was his routine round. When the DCP Mina reached Imambada Police Station he was informed about the chain-snatching and the irresponsible attitude of Sunil Rahdive towards the crime. The outcome was on expected line. DCP Mina severely reprimanded and gave a dressing down to the police constable. Sources further said that this was not the first time Sunil was found shirking responsibility but he had a record of irresponsible behavior and dereliction of duty time and again. Reports of Sunil helping the anti-social elements poured in consistently.  Hence the police constable was in the books of higher officials for his unexpected tantrums.

DCP Chandra Kishore Mina is well-known for his upright, straightforward and no-nonsense style of working. The fact that the crime graph is showing a decline and many hardcore criminals behind bars is a sharp pointer to the style of working of the DCP. He keeps a personal watch on the activities in Imambada Police Station and the crime situation, too. The high-ranking official minces no words in scolding the staff when needed and is no miser in praising them as well.

However, the severe reprimand of police constable Sunil Rahdave took a dramatic turn when his wife, in a well-planned conspiracy, lodged a complaint with Imambada police wherein she alleged harassment of her husband at the hands of Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone IV Chandra Kishore Mina.

Kiran Rahdave, wife of Sunil, informed Imambada police that Sunil left house for his duty on June 13 on his Pulsar motorcycle at around 8 pm. However, her husband did not return home even after duty hours. She searched for him and enquired with his colleagues and friends about Sunil’s whereabouts but they were clueless as well.

According to sources, Kiran further alleged that Sunil was in stress for past few days allegedly due to harassing words and actions of DCP Chandra Kishore Mina. Kiran alleged that DCP Mina insulted her husband on many occasions that caused stress to Sunil. Kiran in her complaint mentioned that Sunil had shared his ordeal with her and thus she suspected that this harassment might have led to Sunil’s disappearance, said the sources.

The development has resulted in a massive search for Sunil Rahdave and the staff of Imambada Police Station has started scanning every possible spot where the absconding police constable could be traced. Now, the focus is on the revelation Sunil Rahdave would make once he is traced or he himself appears on the scene.