Published On : Sat, Jun 4th, 2016

Reliance CDMA users go haywire in Nagpur; Hordes of handsets defunct

Nagpur: Hordes of Reliance CDMA mobile service users in Nagpur have been going through the deep frustration and disgust as they look in awe at their now defunct mobile numbers. The customers are crowding at the Reliance stores across the city, looking for new SIM card as the company has shut down its CDMA services and insisting users to take up the same number on its 4G network.


Customers crowd at a mini Reliance store near Mehadia Square in Dhantoli, Nagpur. The users overload at the stores often turn into heated exchange between the vendors and customers.

Ironically, the CDMA handsets which they have been using so far has now gone completely useless as the 4G SIM is required to be inserted only in GSM enabled mobile phone. The move has turned into distress rather than delight for hundreds of CDMA users, as most of these numbers have not been started yet despite switching to Reliance’s 4G network.

Customers in distress

Most of the customers feel that Reliance has taken them for a ride yet again. One of the customers who has been frequenting Reliance mini store at Dhantoli said, “All my five numbers are now out of service and despite taking the new SIM cards, they are not yet functional.

20160603_124819I am trader and all my business is based on mobile communication. Under such a set of situation I am rendered helpless as all these numbers are circulated in the market and I have to bear the loss for now.”

Unwanted expense!

Says another customer Govind Rathi, “As Reliance shut its CDMA services, the CDMA handsets are proving to be of no use as it turn as good as scrap. Moreover, all the Reliance CDMA numbers have been closed as the company is pushing users to switch to its 4G network.

Now I am forced to buy a new GSM handset which is indirectly creating a big hole into my pocket.”