Published On : Mon, Sep 15th, 2014

Rava (Semolina or Suji) Ladoo – Indian Sweet

ravaladduThere are many types of Laddos available. One of the most popular version is Boondi Laddu or Besan ladoo. But this besan ladoo is not so easy to prepare. So, i would like to go for other variety which is very simple and easy to prepare – Rava Ladoo. Rava is also known Semolina, Suji, Sooji, Ravai etc.

Rava / Semolina / Suji– 1 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Ghee/Butter – 25 gms
Milk –500ml
Cashew nuts – 10 whole nuts
Raisins – 10 nos
Grated fresh coconut – 25 gms
Sugar / Choco sprinkles – 50gm
Sugar – 5tbsp.

Recipe Preparation- Rava (Semolina or Suji) Ladoo – Indian Sweet:

Step2 – Sugar Preparation:

Dry grind a cup of sugar finely. Take out the sugar powder in a bowl.

Step 3 – Sugar Powder:
Sugar powder is ready to make laddoos.

Step 4 – Preparation of milk for making laddoos
Boil the milk on another burner parallely, So that the milk thickens to 200ml.

Step 5 – trasfering Semolina and sugar:
Transfer the roasted rava and sugar powder to a bowl.

Step 6 – Roasting Cashews, kismis and elaichi:
Heat 3 tsp of ghee on a nonstick pan, Once the ghee is hot enough, roast cashew nuts, raisins and splitted cardomoms. Once the raisins ballons up trasfer it to the above bowl.

Step 7 – Seasoning:
Once the raisins ballons up trasfer it to the above bowl.

Step 8 – Mixing hot milk with laddoo mixture
Mix all the ingredients and take a small portion of the laddoo mixture in a bowl, add little warm milk and mix well. Make sure if you are able to gather it as balls. (If the milk is too hot, you got to burn your fingers. So use warm milk for making any laddoo). Make it as medium size balls.
(If you find this step is difficult, add warm milk to all the ingredients. When the milk added is enough to make laddoos, transfer it back to the pan and cook in sim for 2 mins. Then turn off the burner. When the mixture is warm, make it as balls)

Step 9– semisolid laddoo mixture:
Semisolid state laddoo mixture is ready to make laddoos.

Step 10 – Coating laddus with coarse sugar:
Take coarse sugar and sugar sprinkles in two different plates. Now coat the laddoos with coarse sugar and sugar sprinkles.

Step 11 – Coating laddus with sugar sprinkles:
Apply sugar sprinkles over the laddu.

Step 12 – Now your yummy tasty colourful is ready to serve!