Published On : Mon, Jul 7th, 2014

Rare Monitor Lizard rescued from a house in Jaitala, Nagpur

Nagpur News

Rare Moniter Lizard
A rare Monitor Lizard was rescued from a house of Vinod Kherde, Datey Lay-out Jaitala at around 1 pm on July 6, 2014.

One of the Sarpa Mitra (Friends of Snakes) who are well read and know about reptiles and their behavious as well as how to capture them and handle them carefully, called Pravin Katre was summoned by calling him.

He carefully captured the Monitor Lizard and handled the reptile carefully and released the reptile in the Seminary Hills Forest area.

Forester Borkar at the Seminary Hills Office performed a detailed examination of the monitor Lizard and and then released the lizard in the forest of Gorewada.

As the monsoon season starts, many reptiles choose the warm confines of the houses to take protection from the rains, since their nests or holes are filled with water. Not only should one be careful while lifting stones or other things from nooks and corners of the house, but also be careful not to harm these reptiles if one does find them hiding from rains.

The readers are advised to contact Pravin Katre on mobile number 09766777656, or Gaurang Waikar on 09970099910, whenever anyone finds snakes, reptiles or injured birds.