Published On : Sat, May 14th, 2016

Ranjeet Safelkar a victim of neglect?

  • Chief of Shri Ram Sena feeling suffocated in BJP
  • Cordial relationship of BJP leaders and Bahujan Ekta Manch seems to be at its best.
Chief Minister Fadnavis being garlanded by Ranjeet Safelkar and his friends

Chief Minister Fadnavis being garlanded by Ranjeet Safelkar and his friends

Nagpur: In what could be mentioned as sheer neglect, Ranjeet Safelkar who holds a reputation and influence in Kamptee area seemed to be neglected by the leaders of the present government.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis had accepted the sweet smelling floral garland from a so-called anti-social element and the present Vice-President of Kamptee Municipal Corporation and BJP Corporator Ranjeet Safelkar and friends and later in an act of distancing himself from any person with criminal antecedents, made a reference in his speech that anyone who has a photograph with him should not be considered to be close with him (Chief Minister). Fadnavis had directed all the police officials to take strict possible action against all those people who break the law. The words that he used is “Tokun Kada” meaning taking severe action against the person if found guilty. This action could be initiated against any offender even if he or she is from their own political party.

It could be mentioned here that the image of Ranjeet Safelkar is pretty controversial. Prominent people from all spheres and walks of life from Nagpur as well as from Eastern Vidarbha can be seen paying their respects to Ranjeet Safelkar either because of fear or respect.

Ranjeet Safelkar sitting in the front row of the audience

Ranjeet Safelkar sitting in the front row of the audience

Sources claimed that Ranjeet Safelkar and Sulekha Kumbhare do not share cordial relationship and both have made it amply clear that they do not share the same ideologies. Sources alleged that a Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule who was once upon a time a close ally of Ranjeet Safelkar but has distanced himself from him only because of Sulekha Kumbhare. This is probably because if Chandrashekhar Bawankule wants to climb the ladder politically, he will have to have a very cordial relationship with Sulekha Kumbhare.

On many occasion in the recent past, there has been verbal duel between Ranjeet Safelkar and Chandrashekar Bawankule over the cordial relationship between Bawankule and Sulekha Kumbare. Sources added that Chandrashekhar Bawankule gives more importance to Sulekha Kumbhare and her activists than Salfekar and his associates.

On the other hand, it is said that Devendra Fadnavis too is angry with Ranjeet Safelkar. This is because Ranjeet Safelkar chose to canvas for the opponent instead of canvassing for BJP Candidate Sudhakar Deshmukh during the last Vidha Sabha elections. Almost everyone knows that Sudhakar Deshmukh is the political advisor to Devendra Fadnavis.

Once BJP came to power, both Sulekha Kumbhare and Ranjeet Safelkar had expectations of becoming chief of top level committees. In this fight with each other both Sulekha Kumbhare and Ranjeet Safelkar could not secure any prime post. It is also alleged that the leaders of BJP have honoured Sulekha Kumbhare and have done hundreds of favours and works while they seem to have ignored Ranjeet Safelkar and have not favoured him or done any work that he had proposed.

Irked by a constant rejection and neglect, Ranjeet Safelkar had started Shriram Sena and is following the concept of “Ekla Chalo Re” meaning walk alone in entire eastern Vidarbha. Sources claimed that as of date, the crowd that gathers in his meeting is far greater than even those meetings which are addressed by the Chief Minister. However, it is also alleged that many persons who attend his meetings are anti-social carrying licensed or illegal weapons. One could easily say that Ranjeet Safelkar is one of the most talked about and active person in social media like Facebook.

This could be one of the reasons why inspite of being the Vice President of Kamptee Municipal Corporation Ranjeet Safelkar was not invited to share the dais with the Chief Minister in a meeting held in Kamptee, while non-BJP personalities and Shiv Sena leaders were prominently made to sit on the dais.

Keeping in mind the anti-BJP activities that Ranjeet Safelkar is involved in, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis chose to make a remark that just because someone takes a photograph with him, doesn’t infer that he or she is close to CM. While CM made a statement that they will strive to make crime free Kamptee, does it mean that this is a last chance to Ranjeet Safelkar to mend his ways or face action?

What should one infer from the continues bombarding and neglect of the Vice President of Kamptee Municipal Corporation Ranjeet Safelkar elected from BJP?