Published On : Fri, Jan 29th, 2016

‘Rangrasiya and Jagrut Indians’ performance Jhanda Uncha Rahe Humara draws huge crowds

Steet Play (3)Nagpur: Every Indian must perform their fundamental duties toward their motherland.  One of the groups in the city named ‘Rangrasiya’ and ‘Jagrut Indians’ have been involved in creating an awareness campaign on various social and burning issues.

This Republic Day, the ‘Rangrasiya’ and ‘Jagrut Indians’ organized the programme titled Jhanda Uncha Rahe Humara. Like every year, the campaign started at 9:30am in Gandhi Nagar Square. This was followed by a street play at 10:00 am in front of VNIT gate, Abhyankar Nagar. After a break and lunch, the evening campaign started at 5pm in Traffic Park followed by campaign at Central Mall at 6.30pm.

This year, the Group had attempted to create an awareness drive regarding “Modern India” which included a very important message that today the term MODERN is misunderstood with Luxury and dazzling display and Show-off. However, the real Modern India still needs a Revolution in thoughts, words and deeds. Burning Topics like “Freedom of expression”, “Gender Equality”, and “High thinking” were performed with élan by artists on the streets. The members of the Group came together under the guidance of Sandeep Daberao. The Play was written by Sameer Tabhane and Directed by Ashutosh Belekar.

Steet Play (4)Mohan Kadbande, RJ Preeti , Ashvini Dikholkar, Prasanna Kaley, Smith Derek, Ravina Patle, Nayan Pavde, Akshay Arve, Ashvin Dhande, Kunal Sharma were performing Artists, Supported by Ulhass Manohar, Jagdish Joshi, Ashish Munde, Brijesh Pant, Danish Ahmad, Puja Singh and Shivani. The performers were reenergized as they got a great response from the crowd all over the city.
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