Published On : Sat, May 25th, 2013

Ramnath City residents give a war cry for basic amenities as promised by the builder

The City abysmally lacks proper roads, basic amenities, medical shops, common LPG gas lines,Fire Brigade post as the builder has cast an influence over NIT Administration which has turned a Nelson’s eye towards to umpteen complaints of the township residents

Nagpur News: Government is inherently incompetent, and no matter what task it is assigned, it will do it in the most inefficient way possible.”

The Government agencies like the Nagpur Improvement Trust, specifically the Map Sanctioning Department of it, the Chairman and Trusties of NIT, and the Fire Brigade to name a few prove their inefficiency by working an irresponsible and haphazard ways and come under the above words. The Ramnath City created by a builder is an excellent example.

The harassed residents of Ramnath City, who are loggerheads with the builder for lack of basic amenities, called the Nagpur Today office and urged to visit their “Sweet Homes” to have a look of the umpteen problems they are facing in their day-to-day activities essential for survival personally. Accordingly, the Nagpur Today scribes accepted their demand and visited Ramnath City and were appalled to see the horrible conditions as far as basic amenities were concerned.

The residents allege that the developer had left several works such as approach road to the township, club house, temple, shopping complex incomplete apart from total absence of medical shops a absolute must looking to the vast proportion of the Ramnath City, no common LPG gas lines, etc. The list of problems is being curbed to make the report short and easier for the readers.

On the hand, the builder, however, contradicts the complaints of residents by stating that the township was still being built and promised works would be done. The township is of over 1,000 residential units ranging from villas, row houses to apartments of different sizes. President of the Residents Association  said though the builder claimed to create a world class township, if one visited the place one would see lack of amenities everywhere and make a world class inhabitable city instead.

One of biggest problems, the approach road from Koradi to Ramnath City, is itself the hurdle for development as the condition of the road is so unhealthy, leave alone development, the use of it at present condition is a sort of nightmare. But the adamant builder refuses to listen to demands of the residents. The issue was raised by the helpless residents with builder in several meetings. However, till date no solution has been found. Residents also wondered how the building plans of such large township could be sanctioned by NIT bosses in its Plan Sanctioning Department that too without the provision of basic requirements like medical facilities, shops, ATMs etc.

The residents alleged builder had collected Rs1 lakh from each buyer as corpus fund for club house, promising it to transfer it to the association but had failed to do so. The buyers were also promised piped cooking gas supply. For the purpose, the builder had charged Rs25,000 from each buyer. Howeve, till date residents are dependent upon their individual gas connections. To make their plight worse, there is no gas agency in the vicinity of the township.

The “privileged residents said they invested their hard earned money hoping for a comfortable life. “We got hard water for drinking or taps dried up overnight, lifts stopped midway through, parking spaces for cars were found non-existent,” they said. Moreover, the builder had not yet executed sale deed in their favour though many have occupied their units two years ago, the residents said.
However, the Ramnath City’s builder is totally in denial mode thus denying all the allegations. He said at present only 28 families had shifted to the city and the township was far from complete. He said the process to start central gas station had started and Bharatgas has been entrusted with the work. He, however, said it would get started only when some more families shift there as the company had refused to start the facility for so few consumers.

He gave same reasons for not handing over club house and shopping complex. “Unless more people shift, basic amenities cannot improve,” was his whimsical answer. Even a single family needs basic amenities. Can’t the builder understand this simple issue? About sale deed, the developer said that as a township only one sale deed would be executed. “No individual person will be provided with sale deed,” he said. The builder adamantly said the approach road was not his responsibility. Then why promise?

It is obvious, howsoever, the NIT authorities deny, but the fact is bitterly true that the top builder, has cast his influence over all the bosses of NIT including the Chairman as without their “soft approach” the builder has no nerve of steel to indulge in irregularities in such a gigantic way as the Ramnath City itself is in a large proportion.

Another dreadful aspect of this total mess is the absence of any Fire Brigade post or centre nearby the City in order to tackle any fire incident that erupts in future without warning and without mercy. The distance between the Ramnath City and the nearest Fire Brigade is in several kilometers away. One shudders to think what would be the situation if a devastating fire were to take place in Ramnath City specifically in the apartment buildings. Any fire has awesome fiery power to engulf the entire building hosting dozens of families in all age groups. These families could found themselves in a burning situation due to negligible facilities to kill the fire and save precious lives. Are the Fire Brigade authorities listening the cry of Ramnath City residents?

The residents of Ramnath City, who are already a harassed lot, are subjected to another harmful problem in the form of fly-ash the Koradi Thermal Power Station emits in massive quantity. The Koradi plant is very near the Ramnath City. The fly-ash settles into the premises their Sweet Homes, apart from the entire township areas like roads, basements for car parking, the shops and other establishments. Not to mention the fly-ash polluting the surrounding atmosphere thus posing a health hazard for the residents of the City.

The Ramnath City residents, some of whom purchased Villas, Row Houses, Apartments, and other constructions like shops, malls for various purposes were promised some of following materials to be used during the construction of Ramnath City, and the “special class” amenities. But the picture tells the tales of contradictory situation prevailing at present. The list is incomplete.

However, the builder abysmally failed to provide all these facilities that too taking massive amount from the purchasers at the time of bookings. However, the builder is not only the “culprit.” The NIT Administration has to take a major blame for leaving the residents at the mercy of the builder. Of course for obvious reasons that need no elaboration/


Unit Specifications

1.     RCC frame structure with brick masonry, approved by VNIT

2.     All internal doors will be flush doors with fittings from Godrej(or equivalent brand)

3.     Best quality wood for windows with glass panel from Saint Gobain

4.     RAK vitrified tiles in living and dining room

5    Bathtub in common bathroom of Villa etc.

Township Specifications

1.     A beautifully landscaped garden with audio system, lighting in parking and common areas, with fountains and water bodies

2.     Concrete/paved internal roads

3.     Round the clock hygienic and treated water supply

4.     Granite for floors and stainless steel railings in staircases

5.     Electric power supply, with generator back-up

6.     Piped LPG gas supply to individual units by Bharat Gas etc.