Published On : Sat, Dec 17th, 2016

Ramdev Baba upset with Modi over after effects of demonetization calling it a major ‘scam’

New Delhi
: Baba Ramdev has made the shocking accusation that demonetisation has triggered a scam of “Rs 3-5 lakh crore” because of corrupt bankers, adding that his association with the BJP is “a thing of the past”.

“Bankers have made crores due to demonetisation. Even (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi could not have estimated the extent of corruption among them… a Rs 3-5 lakh crore scam will be exposed,” Ramdev was quoted by The Quint, a news web portal, as saying.

Ramdev had so far been known as a proponent of the demonetisation and a supporter of Modi. When Modi announced the demonetisation on November 8, the yoga guru had lauded the decision.

According to The Quint, Ramdev said the Prime Minister had been “misled by corrupt bankers” and that the demonetisation could have been implemented better.

“Modi was caught off guard by corrupt bankers. Cash supply isn’t an issue, but cash going to the corrupt is. Note ban could have been implemented better,” Ramdev is quoted as saying in Jaipur.

“Even the RBI officials are under the scanner. That’s very unfortunate. It raises serious doubts on our system,” he added.

Asked about the perception that he was the “state priest” of the NDA government, the saffron-robed Ramdev said : ” Jo hua ek ateet hai (Whatever happened is a thing of the past). A saint should treat everyone equally.”

Ramdev’s supporters had campaigned for Modi ahead of the 2014 general election, and the BJP is said to have fielded several candidates on the Baba’s recommendation.

But now Ramdev seems to be moving on to closer ties with ‘others’ too- The yoga practitioner’s reported comments come ahead of elections in Uttar Pradesh, where he is believed to wield plenty of influence.

Ramdev had recently met chief minister Akhilesh Yadav and Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad and been full of profuse praise.

There are unconfirmed reports that demonetization has led to drastic fall in sales of Patanjali products that may have irked the guru.