Published On : Sun, Jun 18th, 2017

Ramdaspeth residents being forced to inhale Nag Nala filth & dust.

Nagpur: After the Nag Nala (river) cleaning showoff by NMC on 9th of June, the filth was that was excavated from the Nala was left over on the foot path and adjoining canal Road for 2-3 days. During this period there were heavy rains which made matters worse.

The rain water has spread the filth all over the foot path and the adjoining road. Complaints were made and protests registered. Since Ramdaspeth is a VIP area NMC was quick in acting, after rains stopped.

When the filth dried somewhat, up the NMC got it picked but it was impossible to do it 100%. In fact even 50% since the filth had spread everywhere . The footpaths and adjoining road i.e. canal Road is filled with Nala filth and it is spread over the road. The vehicles running on the road are making the filth spread over all the area and the residents are forced to inhale such infectious filthy dust. Its worthwhile to mention here that right opposite to Durga Prasad Saraf’s House is the house of ex Governor of Pondicherry late Rajni Rai , whose daughter Rupa Rai is the Sitting Corporator of this prabhag and also the Dharampeth Zone Chairperson. We can imagine what must be the condition of rest of the Zone/ city thanks to NMC apathy.

This issue was taken up by Working committee member and Organisation secretary of Nagpur District Congress Committee, Adv. Akshay Samarth who resides in the same locality with officials who remain clueless about what to do!

Pics are of foot path right in front of DurgaPrasad Saraf’s House.