Published On : Sat, May 27th, 2017

Ramdas Athawale pats for Sharad Pawar as President, says if he agrees to be NDA candidate

Ramdas Aathawle
Now days many people are suggesting Sharad Pawar’s name for the next president, but fact is that the next president will be from NDA. We have majority for the same. If Sharad Pawar is wishing to become next president then he must join NDA first. His personal tuning with P.M. Modi is fine already. Told R.P.I. supremo and minister of state for social justice and empowerment Ramdas Athawale while sharing his thoughts about N.C.P. chief Sharad Pawar. He was reacting on the achievements of Modi government in last 3 years in a press conference at Ravi Bhavan. He praised developments, projects and all over performance of Modi government in last 3 years. He also appreciated Dalit empowerment, employment, schemes, business, agriculture and development and achievements in other sectors.

Athawale further said that, funds are needed for farmer loan waivers, and i ask the opposition, to suggest if there are any ways to arrange the sufficient funds. He further advised to the government to appoint a special committee to ensure fair deals to farmers for their yield.

Minister for social justice told that R.P.I. is against the “Triple Lataq”. We oppose any rituals or proceedings which are destroying any women’s family and personal life. Modi government is been a step forward for Dalit empowerment, he said. He described demonetization as an important step to drag-out unaccounted money.