Published On : Sat, Aug 29th, 2015

Raksha Bandhan Special Recipe: Biscuit Fudge

Raksha Bandhan Special Recipe Apple Rabdi in Nagpur News


Biscuits and chocolates are major part of any celebration. And as it is Raksha Bandhan, Biscuit fudge is the perfect recipe as it is crispy and chocolaty just like a brother-sister relationship. Instead of going outside and bringing in the sweets, let us prepares something easy and quick at home. The flavor of chocolate with the tint of coconut can never go wrong.

1. Plain Biscuits- 250 grams
2. Toasted Coconut Powder- 1 tbsp
3. Chopped Nuts: 50 grams
4. Cocoa- 2 tbsp
5. Honey/ Golden syrup- 2 tbsp
6. Butter- 75 grams

Topping: Melted chocolate/ icing sugar

Crush the biscuits to a coarse powder.
Melt butter, syrup and cocoa in a saucepan.
Add the remaining ingredients to the pan and stir well.
Set the mixture on a 7″ square oiled tray/tin and bake.
After the mixture is baked, let it chill for sometime.
Cut the fudge into squares and top with melted chocolate and drench with icing.