Published On : Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Raj Purohit, BJP MLA and chief whip in Maharashtra reveals “It is politics” for Rajasthan Election

Mumbai: Chief whip of BJP in Maharashtra, and a top leader of the state, said candidly in a sting operation that
“the row about Padmavati is not about the film at all, it is about politics. BJP will benefit…( in coming Rajasthan elections)… let a few buses burn; it is good if they burn.

“BJP has no choice. Majboori hai. We are in Right wing, we have to side with Rajputs.”

He also went on to say patronizingly ” who are these Karni Sena leaders? Who knows them? Do they have even one MLA?”

See, ultimately, they will go to BJP. The reason is that somehow it is a part of activities that are religious. It goes with the right wing approach & the right wing approach is BJP”, says stung Raj Purohit, BJP MLA & chief whip in Maharashtra.

BJP Leader Says Rajput Community Will Use This To Get Seats.

Just some days ago, this ‘Tall’ BJP leader was taking credit for uniting both factions of Karni Sena together on one stage in Azad Maidan.

“Governments aren’t in a mood to hurt them. It’s good if a vehicle burns”, says stung Raj Purohit

Arnab Goswami followed up the sting operation with inviting Raj Purohit to take part in a live debate without the gentleman knowing that he had been stinged and the sting operation would be shown in his presence.

However shabby the whole show may be, Arnab Goswami had a scoop on his hands.

Raj Purohit was put in the awkward position of defending his ‘bindas quotes’ and trying to match them with the bravado and bluster he has been displaying right from the time the Padmavati row began.

A School bus was stoned today and little kids taken hostage by goons fighting to prevent the film from being released despite Supreme Court’s directive that states cannot ban the film from being shown and will be duty bound to protect the theatres and movie goers.

A new chapter in the post Padmavati life of Raj Purohit

This Maharashtra BJP leader has been so engrossed and embroiled in the Rajasthan, M.P. happenings of Padmavati that he even threatened to slap Shashi Tharoor over it.

Purohit said, “I will not slap Bhansali. But, I am more upset with Shashi Tharoor. He had no business talking about Rajputs and Padmavati film issue. But, the man who has killed his wife using a poison which no one has been able to detect, is telling us that we did not fight the Britishers? Did his father do it then?”

Looks like finally Purohit’s tongue has got the better of him.

He has spilled the beans about why this issue has been allowed to become so big.

“It is all political – it is about winning elections.”