Published On : Fri, Jul 22nd, 2016

Rain rain go away, for little Johny wants to play, come again some other day

School Girls with Umbrella (3)
Come monsoon season and the only ones who enjoy the season are the school going children. En route to their schools and back to home, they play with the puddle, make paper boats and come back with their clothes all dirty. They enjoy getting wet in the rains too. Though the parents buy costly rain-coats, they somehow carry the rain-coats in the bag under the duress of their parents, but conveniently forget to wear the rain-coats.

Playing football in the rain!
Playing football in a rain-drenched slushy ground gives a heavenly pleasure. The sliding, the way the ball slides on the slightest kick and the way the players fall all add to the fun quotient.

Many youngsters are seen playing football in the Kasturchand Park grounds. The kick of the football to your team members away from the opponent team members is a pleasure that is unequalled.

While many school students use raincoats, especially those who go to school in their cycles, many use colourful umbrellas. Students can be seen with umbrellas in vibrant and myriad colours, can be seen opened when the last period gets over and the school bell rings.

Playing Football in rain (1)
Playing Football in rain (2)
Playing Football in rain
School Girls with Umbrella (4)
School Girls in rain
School Girls with Umbrella (2)
Raining (2)

By Samuel Gunasekharan.
Pics by Roshan Singh.