Published On : Tue, Mar 1st, 2016

Rain, high-velocity winds hit power supply in many areas

Nagpur: The untimely rain and high velocity winds on Sunday disrupted power supply in several areas.  Dozens of trees got uprooted and crashing on HT lines and overhead lines causing interruption in power supply due to damage to the network. Besides, high velocity winds and lightening which could be experienced throughout the night hours caused breaking of jumpers and failure in disc insulator at few locations. The SNDL call centre and various consumer care desks received around 400 complaints of no power supply.

Various teams at SNDL worked in coordination to help restore power supply in affected areas while the consumer services desks and call centre continued to attend the walk-in complaints and calls till late evening. Individual cases where the supply had been interrupted were also addressed within a reasonable time-frame.

The locations where feeder breakdowns and subsequent outages

in associated areas were reported are as follows:

  • 11 KV Omkar Nagar    •          11 KV Mahal Gaon
  • 11 KV  Anmol Nagar   •          11 KV Babulkheda
  • 11 KV Hudkeshwar      •          11 KV Omkar Nagar
  • 11 KV Tandapeth         •          11 KV Mahal – 1
  • 11 KV Great Nag road •          11 KV Dakshinamurti
  • 11 KV Bezonbaug        •          33 KV Nara

Most  of the feeder-level issues could be successfully identified and addressed until restoration of power with an average outage time of 1.5-2 hours. It is a reasonable fact that any network exposed to nature is bound to undergo faults upon experiencing storm and rains.

However, SND Ltd has also appealed its consumers to register their complaints on its toll-free helpline number 1800-313-9600 where special attempts have been taken to reduce the overall hold-time for a better consumer experience.