Published On : Wed, Jul 24th, 2013
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Railway traffic continues to be haywire, normalcy limping back

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The Nagpur Division of Central Railway has announced running of trains on Down tracks between Sindi and Tuljapur Stations in Nagpur Section in an update press release of 1600 hours of 24-07-2013. Several trains are being run in the Down directions, albeit, with a very low speed like 10 kmph. And the restoration of Nagpur-Wardha Up route is going on war-footing. The normalcy would soon be restored, says the release.

Following trains have been cancelled on 24-07-2013:

1) 51286                           Nagpur-Bhusawal Passenger

2) 51260                            Nagpur-Wardha Passenger

The Nagpur Division of Central Railway has informed about the rescheduling of following trains as on 24-07-2013 at 16.00 hours:

1) 12833                         Ahmedabad-Howrah Express              (6.30 hours)

2) 12136                         Nagpur Pune Express                             (3.55 hours)

3) 12290                         Nagpur-Mumbai  Doronto Express      (4.00 hours)

4) 11402                          Nagpur-Mumbai Nandigram Exp         (2.30 hours)

5) 11454                          Nagpur-Ahmedabad Prerna Exp           (2.00 hours)

The short-terminated trains as on 24-07-2013:

1) 12160                            Jabalpur-Amravati Express will turn as 12159 and proceed.

2) 51285                            Bhusawal-Nagpur Passenger will turn as 51262 Wardha-Amravati

Passenger and originate from Wardha.

3) 51136                             Kazipeth-Ajni Passenger has been terminated at Ballarshah.
The trains rescheduled but running on original routes as on 24-07-2013:

1) 12970                              Jaipur-Coimbatore Express

2) 12130                              Howrah-Pune Express

The trains diverted and running via Itarsi, Khandwa, Bhusawal, Badnera and Ballarsha routes as on 24-07-2013:

1) 12577                                Darbhanga-Mysore Express

The trains diverted and running via Nagpur,Narkhed, Badnera routes as on 24-07-2013:

1) 22866                                 Puri-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express

2) 12290                                 Nagpur-Mumbai Doronto Express

3) 12834                                  Howrah-Ahmedabad Express

4) 12262                                   Howrah-Mumbai Doronto Express

The trains diverted and running via Badnera, Narkhed, Nagpur routes as on 24-07-2013:

1) 12262                                   Howrah-Mumbai Doronto Express

2) 12290                                 Nagpur-Mumbai Doronto Express

It may be recalled, heavy rains that lashed Wardha and Nagpur had disrupted the train traffic as the ballast under the Railway track and bank including minor bridge was washed out away completely between Sindi and Tuljapur station on Nagpur–Wardha section of Nagpur division. The disaster of a sort triggered a terrible chain reactions as dozens of trains were either cancelled or diverted or terminated at the specific stations and resumed their journey back to the originated stations.

The disaster created a hell of a situation for thousands and thousands of passengers as they either found themselves stranded at Nagpur Station or had to go to the several stations of diverted trains. This nightmarish situation forced hundreds of passengers to cancel tickets, other hundreds went through ordeals of boarding trains from diverted routes thus making them feel in hell.

Helpline numbers at the following stations,

Nagpur:  0712- 2564343

Sewagram:  07152- 254798

Wardha :  07152- 240260

Ballarshah :  07172- 243869

Betul:  07141- 230783

Itarsi:  07572- 240260

Gondia: 09595- 328737