Published On : Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

Rahul Gandhi queues up at ATM on Parliament street to withdraw cash

New Delhi: In a surprise move that has put government on the back foot, Congress V.P. Rahul Gandhi, dressed in a white payjama kurta, made his way to the State Bank of India ATM on Parliament street to withdraw Rs. 4000/ .

As soon he reached there with his entourage , the SBI reacted by pulling all the people lined up outside its doors inside the bank building. When media reached the spot and tried to talk to Rahul Gandhi he said : ” You – from the media – will not understand why I am here, your karodpati owners will not understand, nor will your Prime Minister. I am here to express solidarity with the common folks who are experiencing so much difficulty in getting at their own money, or changing their hard earned money.”

He also asked ” do you see any suited and booted person standing in the line here for hours since morning? It is only the common man – I want to stand with this man.”

BJP has of course reacted with scorn and sarcasm calling it a ‘stunt’ and a ‘drama’.

Congress leaders are pointing out that it is the common man in cities as well as villages who are really suffering.

“Who does this govt. work for? For a few rich businessmen or for these common people?”

They are seeing this is a measure that will not even be like a drop in the ocean as far as getting at black money is concerned.