Published On : Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Raghu Ram visits Nagpur to promote India’s Best Judwaah

 When you’re born barely a few minutes apart, having spent 9 months sharing the same womb, what you share will always be a rare connection that is beyond the imagination of most other common folk! While the rest of us find our ‘significant other’ much later in life, identical twins are born with their’s! Destiny presents them with a soulmate that they share not just a striking resemblance with, but a unique bond that will supercede any other relationship they will ever have. Bollywood has been greatly fascinated with twins, paying them odes galore – be it Seeta Aur Geeta, Ram Aur Shyam, Angoor, Chalbaaz, Duplicate, Judwaa, Kishen Kanhaiyya or Gopi Kishen.

The list is endless! Exploring their world of uncanny similarities and delightful surprises for the first time on Indian television, Zee TV pioneers yet another homegrown non-fiction format that celebrates the unique bond between the country’s most connected identical twins. So are twins stark opposites of each other in every other way barring their resemblance or do they mirror each other in the way they think, move, process and behave? Come find out as ‘India’s Best Judwaah’ Special Partner Finolex Cables airs every Saturday-Sunday at 8 PM. The show separates these inseparable judwaahs for the first time in their lives into two different houses and through a slew of physical and mental challenges, checks how truly connected they are with their twins – Kitne Jude, Kitne Judaa!

This 10-week non-fiction series has been aptly conceived, conceptualized and produced by the country’s most celebrated twins –Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman of Monozygotic Solutions. Raghu Ram is in the city today to speak about recently launched reality show. After extensive online auditions and a comprehensive nationwide hunt, Zee TV and Monozygotic have discovered 11 adorable judwaahs from Amritsar, Pali, Delhi, Nagpur, Benaras, Sahranpur, Kashmir, Ajmer, Bangalore and Kinnaur – each with a very tangible connection that is bound to endear them to audiences.

Raghu said, “There are a thousand little fascinating things about the lives of identical twins you would know only if you are one. Ranging from telepathy even when you’re miles apart to completing each other’s sentences, reading each other’s minds, gut instincts that guide us when the other is about to return home and instinctively opening the door to find the other there – these are small things, perhaps, but they make your twin the single-most important person in your life. We’ve managed to identify 11 truly connected twin pairs from across India – each very different from the other in terms of personality types, ethnic backgrounds, levels of exposure, professions and passions. Through an exciting format, we will check out how deeply connected they are, their dynamics, how equipped they are to achieving results as a team. Every task is designed to bring the core of their relationship to the surface for the world to see. We’re sure the process will be a most entertaining one for audiences!”

Zee TV Deputy Business Head Deepak Rajadhyaksha said, “Zee TV has always been a front-runner in terms of innovating and introducing homegrown reality formats that celebrate India’s common man. After giving India a chance to showcase its singing, dancing and acting skills, we now collaborate with Raghu-Rajiv in bringing viewers the magical connections shared by the country’s identical twins. Being twins themselves, they have first-hand, personal insights into the core subject matter of the show. So, the format has been designed in a manner that brings alive the core essence of each twins’ special bond and their love for each other. After the success of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs, this year’s No. 1 non-fiction show across GECs, we only further fortify our weekend line-up with India’s Best Judwaah.”

While some twins are ready to share a spouse so they can live happily as a trio ever after, others sheepishly admit that they have no qualms about sharing each other’s underwear … Even cheekier one’s own up to having replaced their twin in an examination hall during a test! If there’s one thing they will all exchange high-fives over, it would be the fact that they couldn’t care less about the world as long as they have each other by their side. Bringing alive unique aspects of their bond in his own inimitable style will be TV heartthrob and father of twins himself – Karanvir Bohra, seen as a host for the very first time on Indian television. Joining Karanvir as a comical relief are none other than the highly acclaimed comedians VIP and Vikalp Mehta as Kudarat and Karishma. They will have the audience in splits with their comic antics as twin sisters.