Published On : Fri, Jun 12th, 2015

Pune-based company elopes with heavy amount of ‘thagi’; hundreds of citizens duped

Nagpur: The citizens of Nagpur district in general an Ramtek taluka in particular are repeatedly getting duped by fake companies, just because of their greed to get their investments become manifold over night. This tendency of their illogical inclination towards monetary gains is touching newer height every time whenever they suffer loss at one hand and run for obtaining profits on the other, just compensate. Hardly has much time passed when the citizens of Nagpur were duped again by one such bogus investment company, Chitransh, while the rural masses of the district have been duped by another cheating company, Pune-based Star Ascent, Surya, Syampara Investment Company Pvt Limited.

r6According to sources, as many as 500 to 600 people from Ramtek taluka under Nagpur rural have been duped, although Ramtek police is maintaining silence over the issue, despite proof-laden complaints against the cheating company. As informed by some of the complainants, the staff of aforesaid company on board MH-26/V-4000 Scorpio jeep moved around Kachurwahi and other villages of the district, on March 15, 2015, and allured them to buy a coupon of Rs 100 each in a group of 50 people.

They also falsely said to them that 19 winners of lucky draw would get suitable prizes. After two or three days they again visited the villages and declared the names of 19 lucky winners. The Company people then asked those 19 people to deposit Rs 4500 each and also pay the conveyance charges as Rs 350. They told them that each one of them would be able to receive any one of the items like gas-stove, tablet, LED, invertor or fridge by March 27, 2015.

In this way, they collected the deposits from 19 people and eloped with money, never to show their faces back. When the company people were contacted on mobile phone Nos 07057371506, 9075256881 and 9075268873, their reply was that they had accomplished their promise.

The citizens are approaching the police station, but the police is dilidallying in registering the case against the duping company.


– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )