Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015

Proposed NMRC regulations need vital amendments for best results – VTA

VTA on NMRCNagpur: Government of Maharashtra through its Urban Development Department (UDD) in public interest has proposed modifications vide Notification No. TPS-2414/477/CR-248/2014/UD-9 regarding addition of New Regulation along with appendix ‘W’ in Development Control Regulations (DCR) of Nagpur City in regards to Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor (NMRC) by exercising powers conferred by sub-section (1AA) of Sec 37 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act (MRTP Act) and has invited objections/suggestions on proposed modification.

Accordingly a delegation of Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA) led by its President J. P. Sharma met N. S. Adhari, Joint Director, Town Planning, Nagpur Division, who is appointed by UDD to hear suggestions and objections on such Notice; however he directed VTA to submit suggestions to his officer G. M. Qazi. VTA also dispatched copy of suggestions to Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and UDD Principal Secretary Dr. Nitin Kareer.

J. P. Sharma submitted that we are happy that State Govt has issued notification in regards to Nagpur Metro Rail Corridor (NMRC) with an object to generate revenue for Metro Project by granting extra FSI in accordance to plot size. However our study of the notification says that this good objective could fail drastically if appropriate amendments are not carried in final GR.

Sharma pointed that around 95% of the plots falling under proposed NMRC are below 500 sq. mt. hence achieving revenue out of them will be almost impossible task; hence by increasing corridor size from proposed 500 mts to 1000 mts is recommended, thereby chances of bringing more plots in range will assist in achieving projected revenue in stipulated time frame.

Tejinder Singh Renu, secretary of VTA submitted that it is highly recommended that option should always be there for the plot owner to either choose exiting DCR or special regulation for development / redevelopment of building falling within NMRC. Likewise Premium charges equivalent to 0.4 times, which comes to 40% of Annual Statement Rates of the land per is proposed for extra FSI above base permissible FSI, is too high. On one hand extra FSI of 33% is already proposed by additional premium @ 30% for residential by state govt earlier, so lawfully even in this case the premium should be 0.3 & not 0.4 times.

Renu further pointed out that table proposed of tenement density with minimum density requirements is unfeasible to obtain, thereby shall cause hindrance in true development of the region under NMRC. Similarly parking table lacks clarity, which will delay process of plan sanctioning later.

Renu also said Impact Assessment and Integrated Mobility Plan without any parameters or set of Rules would be arbitrary / difficult for Commissioner NMC / Chairman NIT to grant extra FSI, because he/she will have to carry study of projects impact on traffic, environment, infrastructure and amenities before sanctioning and this translates to another discretionary power which may promote corruption and to avoid this, we need some guidelines, rules or parameters for such assessment.

Renu submitted, likewise taking parking, balcony, passages, lobby, etc in built up and further binding minimum restrictions of marginal space of 6 mts will make almost 80% plots unworkable for development under the NMRC.

Renu also pointed out that another major hurdle will be user / zoning of the plots falling under NMRC, because many plot which are of bigger size in NMRC are falling under Industrial Zone for example in Lakadganj and Kamptee Road. Hence it is highly recommended that along with this proposal, zone change – converting all Industrial Plot to Residential use should be carried for early development in NMRC. Logically too, these areas are now surrounded by residential colonies, so under no circumstances industries should remain in city for reasons we already recognize.

VTA requests State Government that we sincerely want successful Metro Rail in Nagpur and to avoid future revenue shortfalls due to unrealistic provisions we have submitted these suggestions in interest of citizens as well as of State Government, NMRC Limited and Nagpur Metro Project.

Also present in VTA delegation were joint secretary Hemant Trivedi, Rajesh Kanungo, Saqib Parekh and Ashwin Agrawal.