Published On : Sun, Jun 15th, 2014

Priyam Daga: City’s woman of substance- reinventing jewellery with articulate designs


A multi-faceted personality she is, Priyam Daga, who more than one way proves that beauty does go with brains and hands, too. She believes in broadening her horizons and has taken her entrepreneurial skills to a new level.

Not only is she self employed, she imparts knowledge to other girls, women, housewives and others to become self-employed. The skills that she teaches is not only honourable, but gives the freedom to choose the time of working, to give vent to all the innate and acquired skills and talents in designing, causing no objections from any partners or spouses.

Priyam comes from a family of up-market design house which was established by Ashok and Madhuri Daga in 1980. However, they have been producing, designing and retailing high-end jewellery since the past three decades.


While speaking to Nagpur Today, Priyam said that the Daga family holds a rich legacy of more than 250 years in handling imperial jewellery of the Indian royalty. She said that she comes from the one of the oldest and highly respected families of India, and has earned steadfast trust and enormous goodwill.

Priyam Daga studied jewellery designing in Mumbai. She worked under reputed Jewellery Designers Dolly Meenawala and Gautam Banerjee. Priyam is the Head Designer at Auric and a Graduate from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She has added another feather by completing her MBA. Armed with new and novel marketing and business management skills she is currently busy in the branding and franchising of Auric & has recently launched her signature collection for high-end clientele.

Priyam said that her signature collection includes the JADAU collection that comes from Auric’s manufacturing unit in Rajasthan. She said that Auric Jewellery includes diamond jewellery using an array of gemstones crafted in precious metals.


Priyam Daga: If one were to define Priyam as a designer, all one could say is if you want a unique jewellery set, throw a lot of your ideas, likings and describe your exact needs and let the concepts incubate in Priyam and she can create mind-boggling, innovative jewellery that reflects your personality and fits your exact requirement.

She excels in redesigning old jewellery that is outdated and have gone out of fashion into remarkable up-to-date beautiful jewellery. She is an artist who is a class apart who understands the personality, needs and what will be appropriate and apt for the client.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, she said that the choice of jewellery has undergone a sea of change. Though the yellow metal has not lost its importance, newer alloys and metals are preferred by the youth and others. Various gems incorporated in white metal or gold is in vogue.Chokers with intricately placed gems are preferred for parties or special occasions. On similar lines, Priyam can design jewellery which is in vogue and yet cost efficient.  She dabbles with gems (both precious and semi-precious) and metals in an exquisite manner. Her style and her sense to create unique, custom-made jewellery has earned her a reputation and horde of Indian and foreign clientele.


Auric Institute of Jewellery Design

Well, Priyam has not kept the knowledge to herself. She has opened an institute named Auric Institute of Jewellery Design (AIGJ) where young girls, ladies, women are taught by international jewellery designers and Priyam Daga herself along with other experts.

According to Priyam, this is one expertise, if acquired, one can pursue and undertake jewellery designing. This is one job which no husband would mind, if his spouse goes about designing jewellery for people. Since the clientele is usually classy and up-market, they need not worry.