Published On : Wed, Jun 22nd, 2016

Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering observe World Yoga Day with élan

Priyadarshani Yoga (4)
Nagpur: Almost all college students will claim to suffer from extreme stress. The mental stress and lack of sleep gets portrayed in physical aches, slouched backs and tense shoulders. Often the stress from the classes, inter-personal relationship and personal issues can develop into more devastating effects including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep disorders and others.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Principal of Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur Dr Ravindra V Kshirsagar said that the engineering students often experience panic attacks in the middle of a perfectly calm situation. He claimed that they get hit with this overwhelming sensation of stress from all the required assignments, anxiety the ability to finish those assignments in time and fear of disappointing parents and peers.

After having understood the extremely high levels of stress that the engineering students face, the Principal of Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Nagpur Dr Ravindra V Kshirsagar decided to set up a place where the students could get stress relieving exercises. Since Yoga is one of the best Stress relieving exercises, he got a big hall which was used to dump broken furniture and other material, got it cleaned and painted. He then installed lights and fans and got Daris (cloth-mats) spread and also got a small stage where the instructor could teach the students.


He has named this Hall as Music and Yoga Hall. This hall can be used by Instructor to teach yoga while students can learn yoga. The same hall can be used to learn music.

Priyadarshani Yoga
This Hall was inaugurated by Archarya Jyoti Prakash Nanda in the august presence of Acharya Arvind Upadhyay. After lighting the traditional lamp, Acharya Jyoti Prakash Nanda addressed the students and members of the faculty. He said that the first Yogi was Lord Shiva. He said we need a clean and healthy body where the soul can live. He claimed that in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had proposed June 21, 2016 to be observed as World Yoga Day in the United Nations in 2014. 177 Countries had immediately accepted and from then June 21, 2016 is observed as World Yoga Day.

An Engineering Graduate in Mechanical Engineering Archarya Jyoti Prakash Nanda is renowned for Yoga Therapy and Herbal Treatment. Archarya Nanda said that it is right to observe World Yoga Day on the largest day of the year. He said that Yoga was born and practiced in India from time immemorial but only 10-20 lakh people practice Yoga while more than 70% people practice Yoga in China.

He said that it is time that our educational institutions take it up as a challenge to impart moral values. To explain that he said that the prehistoric man fought with stones, later with iron weapons, then came guns and finally gasses etc. However, in spite of the advancement and development of man, the innate violence hidden in men has not been removed. This is one reason why the education institution needs to take it up like a challenge and impart moral and ethical values among students.

While explaining about Yoga, he said that an All Round Self Restraint/control is known as Yoga.

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Nowadays everybody knows the term Yoga but a very few know that her traditional name is ‘Yog’. This is the name given by the founders, the Rishis (known as the Himalayan masters).

The meaning of “Yog” is: “to join together” or “to unite”. As human beings we are so busy in our worldly existence, that it makes us easily forget about our other dimension, the Soul or center of consciousness underneath all the layers of mental make-up (thoughts, Karma, Samskaras). Unite: The soul, also known as the true Self, is the space where we can experience Truth, oneness and the nectar of true joy. It resides deep in everybody’s being but is covered by many layers of mental make-up (Samskaras). Finally one will realize one’s true self and transcend from duality into oneness. He explained a new mathematics which goes 1+1=1. He said that unification of every life with God (Jeevatma with Parmatma) is Yog.

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The Yog Guru explained about the eight fold path of Yog.

Yama (Moral Conduct): Refraining from injuring others, truthfulness, refraining from stealing, continence, and refraining from covetousness

Niyama (Religious Observances): Purity of body and mind, contentment in all circumstances, self-discipline, self-study (contemplation), devotion to God and Guru

Asana: Right posture

Pranayama: (Control of Prana), the subtle life currents in the body

Pratyahara: (Interiorization) through withdrawal of the senses from external objects

Dharana: (Focused concentration); holding the mind to one thought or object

Dhyana: (Meditation), absorption in the vast perception of God in one of His infinite aspects — Bliss, Peace, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Sound, Love, Wisdom, all-pervading throughout the whole universe.

Samadhi: (Super-conscious experience) of the oneness of the individualized soul with Cosmic Spirit.

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After explaining all this Yog Guru Archarya Jyoti Prakash Nanda made four students to perform some Asanas which are good for our body and needed in a day to day life. He did this after explaining how to take bath. What is half bath and full bath? On the whole it was a learning experience for the teaching staff and the students.