Published On : Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Private tuition class owners under I T scanner

Nagpur: Many private tutorials and coaching classes in the city have come under the scanner of Income Tax department, and some of such classes raided by the department included Ideal Academy (Nandanwan), Agrawal Academy (Wardhaman Nagar), Baban Tayawade Classes (Koradi) and so on.

However, when the raids were carried out the officials were shocked to learn that the private tutors charge exorbitant fees which the students or their parents are required pay through their nose, and they fail to pay the tax on their such income though not shown sincerely on record.

The IT department was also shocked to notice that many tutorials are run by the in-service teachers belonging various schools and colleges. Certain cunning and over-smart tutors claim that they do not run any tutorials on their own, rather the tutorials wherein they offer their services of teaching are on charity basis. Surprisingly, they are not budging from their greed for money earning spree, despite government circulars and warnings.

According to reliable sources, many in-service teachers/ tutors have got their tutorials registered in the names of their family members (wives or daughters or sons) and are running classes unchecked. Prior to the current IT department’s check on them, such raids were earlier also conducted, but the tutorials kept growing like mushroom not only in the city but also elsewhere.

Some of the citizens are of the view that if such tutorials are run under due permission by the unemployed but competent tutors, it may be tolerated as they are running them out of need to fight unemployment.

But what is intolerable is that the in-service teachers run the private tution classes, creating disparity of income among their own sincere fellowmen/ colleagues, which is a bad precedence. As their limited monetary gain (through official source of income) is supplemented by way of additional income through tuitions, they stand socio-economically placed up. It is such a situation that makes them look down on others.