Published On : Tue, Sep 8th, 2015

Press Council of India will try to keep watch on social media: Justice Prasad

Justic CK prasad
“Social media, though a powerful means of expression, is under controversy for its misuse these days, and a lot of debate is going on for framing certain guidelines for its control,” said president of Press Council of India (PCI), Justice C K Prasad during a press conference organized here at Nagpur Patrakar Bhavan on Sept 8.

According to Prasad, the PCI will discuss the issue and put forth its views on it. He advocated the policy of bringing electronic media within the purview of PCI like the print media, in the time ahead.

He argued that no doubt the live coverage is very effective, but its function should be demarcated, for many a time such live coverage becomes helpful for the accused persons as has been found true during terrorist attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai. According to him, journalism should be done keeping the national interest in view, otherwise its impact can be varying. It would be better if the media itself decides its demarcation, he added.
Clarifying the PCI stand, he said, the PCI does not regulate social media, it can just guide. He said, the Maharashtra government has issued a circular about apathy to public representatives which is against the intention of the court, and so, a suitable action will be taken after seeking explanation from the state government.

Justice Prasad concluded by saying that the Supreme Court has issued certain guidelines for media, and that should be abided. Expressing his concern over attacks being made on journalists, he opined that an effective legislation should be brought into force.