Published On : Sat, Mar 11th, 2017

Press any button, vote goes to BJP: Maya screams fraud, calls for re-polls

BSP chief Mayawati calls for re-elections. Questioning the EVMs credibility she says these results are hard to swallow. “Voting machines tampered with. Press any button, the vote goes to the BJP.

The BJP winning even in Muslim areas. The Muslim vote has gone to the BJP. Can anyone digest this? Clearly voting machines have been tampered with.

In 2014 too there were such fears. Press any button but the vote went to BJP. In BMC election too such questions were raised.

This is a open challenge to the BJP and the Prime Minister that if you are really honest ask the Election Commission to hold re-elections using the ballot paper. And if they do not agree, it will prove right that the machines were indeed tampered with. People have lost faith in EVMs. BJP has murdered democracy. The Muslims are saying that they did not vote for the BJP, so how is it that the BJP won even in Muslim areas?

Scrap the election results and hold re-election in UP and Uttarakhand.”