Published On : Fri, Sep 22nd, 2017

Video – President’s visit: Traffic jam blocks Nagpur’s arteries

Nagpur: Nagpur came to a standstill when a series of traffic jams were observed in various areas during the visit of President Ram Nath Kovind. The loopholes in managing the traffic by concerned authorities were evidently visible when several major roads of the city were blocked for long duration.

For the commuters, it proved difficult to manoeuvre their way through heavy traffic on major routes. Heavy jams in Wardha road, Great Nag road and many other areas of the city were witnessed.

Was it a loophole in the management or narrow routing space available due to Metro construction, which led to heavy jams, is not identifiable.

A number of office goers complained of being stuck in the traffic. “I had left home on time. The traffic, however, was so slowed down that I got late for work”, said Satish Mishra, a daily commuter.

Several routes were also diverted which led to a problem of navigation for the commuters unfamiliar with the changed route.

The law and order was, nevertheless, appositely maintained and the President’s cavalcade was carried smoothly.