Published On : Sun, Dec 4th, 2016

Chief Minister calls opposition immature


  • CM claims the crime rate much lower than the corresponding period last year based on figures quoted by National Crime Records Bureau


Nagpur: The present government is capable of resolving the issues. With proper pro-active debate and deliberations made in the general interest of the masses, many issues could be resolved.  This was said by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis when he welcomed media personnel to the Winter Session of State Legislative Assembly -2016. CM Devendra was addressing the media personnel at the customary tea party hosted by CM on the eve of Winter Session-2016.

CM’s reaction to opposition
While reacting to the boycott of the opposition to his tea party, CM Devendra Fadnavis said that he wished that the opposition joins hands in raising people-centric issues and to work hand in hand to resolve them instead of simply making allegations.

While reacting to the statement of the opposition “Government is like cartoon characters “Pokemon” and “Doremon” or even their statement of “Mungerilal Key Haseen Sapne”, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that the opposition has just displayed their immaturity. On a lighter vein, he too made a statement from the Jungle Book Cartoon show.

Implementation of many schemes
While speaking about the backward areas like Vidarbha and Marathwada, he said that the government is striving to reach all government schemes to the citizens. However, many of these implementing of the schemes have not remained only to discussion stage but has been implemented.

Achievement Report to be presented in house
He claimed that we will present our report of all our achievements in the last two years and will also inform the house about our plans for development and progress of Maharashtra in the next three years. The state government is indeed working with enthusiasm towards the progress of the state.

Farmer’s issues
While speaking about the farmers’ issue, Devendra Fadnavis claimed that the Kharif Crops have been good. The present trend displays that as compared to last year, there is a significant rise of 25 %. He added that Bazaar Samiti did face some problems in the initial 2-3 days (after demonetization), however, they were resolved and all payments of farmers have been made through banks.

While speaking about the rabbi crops, he claimed that the work of sowing is going in full steam. Initially there were some problems of farmers finding it difficult to buy seeds, fertilizers and other goods which are in-puts for farming, the government organized a meeting with bankers and registered dealers of seeds, fertilizers etc and gave directives to all the procurement of seeds and fertilizers through banks. The things are smoothened now. Fadnavis claimed that 95% work of sowing has already been finished.

While speaking about the effects of demonetization, CM Fadnavis claimed that the state has taken pro-active steps to defuse the effects of demonetization. He thanked the people of the state for supporting the move to demonetize the currency since they knew that it is for the good of the country and for the citizens at large. The citizens realized that a new system has been established for the better good of the nation.

While speaking about the Maratha morcha, he said that they will raise the issue in the house and debate and deliberate on the issue. While answering to a question on the morcha, he said that the debates have to be made with an attitude to bring about a solution and not just to create a ruckus and confusion. He went on to add that the issues of Dalits, OBCs etc he will ensure that no issue are pending and that some pro-active decision will be taken in the house. However, he urged all political parties to come forward and discuss and deliberate with an intention and attitude of common good and in the interest of the masses.

He added that some issues especially of reservations are in the Court. The Maharashtra government will submit its well studied and researched recommendations in the Court on December 5, 2016.

Law and Order
While speaking about the crime rate in the city and the state, he claimed that the state has done pretty well as compared to other states. While answering to a question of the increasing crime in the city, Fadnavis claimed that based on the figures shown in National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports, it shows that the crime rate has come sizably down as compared to the corresponding period last year. CM Devendra went on to add that as far as the cases of Ashram Shala, Sexual assaults in Balwadi etc, they have already initiated investigations into the matter and accused will not be spared.

Good response to DBT
CM Devendra claimed that the attempt of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to change the mechanism of transferring subsidies launched by Government of India to the beneficiaries account has received very good response. The middlemen have thus been removed successfully. The government is mooting a move to implement the DBT in all government schemes and in all departments.

In conclusion, CM Devendra Fadnavis said that the State Government has been doing a good work and for the first time all the decisions are taken after debate in the house. He urged the opposition too to come forwards and debate and discuss the issues in the common interest of the masses.

While answering to a question of how certain banks deducted the loan amount from all those farmers who had gone to convert the demonetized currency to new notes, he said that they too came to know about this and immediately have directed the banks to abstain from deducting the loan amount from the farmers coming to convert the demonetized currencies.

While answering another question on irrigation scams, CM claimed that many cases are pending in the court and new cases shall also be registered in future.