Published On : Thu, Apr 13th, 2017

Preparing for IIT-JEE, NEET? You should certainly not miss out on this!

Nagpur: As the next academic session is set to begin, the high school students have also taken their goals to the forefront – To crack the IIT JEE or take down the NEET with top scores. However the cut throat competition has certainly made the things a hard nut to crack. But as they say, nothing remains impossible if right things are done at the right time. Nagpur Today brings to all you IIT and NEET aspirants a simplified solution. NT catches up with Sarang Upganlawar, Founder & CEO, ICAD School of Learning, one of the topmost institutes having an envious track record of driving the students towards their mission IIT or NEET. In an exclusive interaction with NT, Upganlawar shares some interesting facts that can simplify your equation with these top engineering and medical entrance examinations. Here’s the Excerpts

NT: ICAD is one of the Fastest Growing Institute of Maharashtra now in IIT-JEE and NEET Segment? Tell us something about your organization.
Sarang: I established ICAD in 1999 after I decided to drop my admission in United States and start ICAD. We established ourselves successful in Study abroad, Engineering, and Medical Entrance Segment. ICAD is truly Professional Organization. We are the institute with 7 branches and well developed JEE, NEET, and foundation training programs. We are the institute with highest faculty: Student ratio. We are with full time 225 employees, and growing year after year. Full-fledged R& D center, HR dept., administration and finance dept. Our per student spending is highest in industry. Promotors are doing it for passion of creating best center of country. So far, we have produced best results of Maharashtra in last 3 years, and its growing year after year.

NT: What are the Achievements of your students.
Sarang: Since last 3 years, ICADians are indeed leading the tally with 4 ICADians crossing 300+ in JEE (Main), 2 in Top 100 AIR, 11 in top 1000 AIR, 6 students crossing 400 in BITSAT, 2 Maharashtra Top rankers in BITSAT 2014 and 2015, 9 top 20 AIR in AMTI etc. Only ICAD produced International Medal Winners since last 3 years. None of the institutes of Nagpur can match this top performance. Even our foundation students stood toppers in CBSE and State Board X examinations.

NT: Tell us something about your Centers. Is same quality of education provided over there.
Sarang: Centers are created to give students services near their home and for ease of administration. Visit any center of ICAD, and you will find uniform system, competent well trained staff, discipline and cleanliness. All centers of ICAD are result producing and highest student/parent’s satisfaction index. Go to residential center: You will find Medical top ranker grooming up over there. Go to East center, you will find more than 80 students are about to crack JEE (Main); Go to Pune center. It is having just 30 students but you ll not find any compromises in our service. Full time staff of 10 are looking after them including top Senior Faculty. Go to HO, top rankers of JEE are being groomed over there. Go to Sadar Center. It is going to create record number of qualifiers in the very first year of result of all centers of ICAD.

NT: You started NEET program 2 years back. This is the first year of Result. Do you expect similar Results in NEET as you got in JEE and GRE?
Sarang: We launched GRE program, produced top scoring students. Now you will find our students placed in all top-ranking universities of USA – MIT, Harvard, Wharton, etc. We launched JEE Program, produced top rankers of country, and placed students in top IITs – right from IIT-Powai, IIT-Delhi, etc. NEET program is created to produce top ranks of India and regularly place Nagpur students in AIIMS, and other top Medical Colleges of India including our GMC and IGMC. This is our 2nd year of NEET. This is the year when our first result is expected. Management is very critical of quality aspect. We are already getting hint of result.

NT: What are the steps you are taking to ensure the quality of Medical Entrance – NEET Training Program?
Sarang: Only 70 students in NEET: When we decided to launch NEET program, we are very critical about its quality aspects. Faculty having exposure of AIIMS and AIPMT training is recruited from all over India. We are targeting only few selected students, and don’t want to waste our resources. Already first phase of entrance is conducted. More than 250 students were appeared for the test, and only 37 selected. The last and final phase will be conducted on April 16 to select rest 38 students.

NT: Tell us something about ICAD Alumni.
Sarang: ICAD has provided platform to Nagpur’s hardworking talented students to score high and place themselves in top universities of the world and India. You name any top university of India and USA, ICADian has studied over there. You name any top company of India and USA, ICADian is serving there. With more than 5000 Success stories in India and abroad, with huge alumni base working in the top companies, with huge exposure of happening in the Engineering field. Surely, YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING IF YOU ARE NOT STUDYING AT ICAD.

NT: We heard that admission to your Foundation batch is very difficult.
Sarang: Yes. We choose only 40 VIII moving students. More than 1000 students appear for Test. 22 students are already selected in December 2016. Final Selection test is on April 16 where we may get remaining 18 students.

NT: Tell us something about ICAD CULTURE
Sarang: Discipline and strong character building is the part of ICAD culture now. You will find many superrich students at ICAD living simple lifestyle and working towards their dream. You will find ICADians working hard to fulfill their parents dream. Indiscipline and uncultured students have no place in any of ICAD centers. You will find Humble and serving staff working towards realization of students dreams at all centers of ICAD.