Published On : Sat, Jun 6th, 2015

Pravinji Datke inagurated inter camp cricket tournament at reshimbag

Nagpur: Reshimbag Cricket Club & Kaware Guruji Sports Institute has organized inter camp cricket competition for age group 12, 16, & 22. Club is conducting the tournament since last 40 years .

MAYOR PRAVINJI DATKE INAGURATED INTER CAMP CRICKET TOURNAMENT AT RESHIMBAG who is also ex-player of R.C.C. He guided & encouraged the player. Dr. Wase ,President elect, IMA & Aba Kaore, Pitamaha Bhishma of cricket were present on the dias. Reshimbag Cricket Club, Mujumdar Academy, Ambadkar Academy & other clubs are participating in this competition.

Simultaneously three matches are played at a time in same ground, which is unique thing.

In inaugural match of less than 16 ages, RCC defatted Mujumdar 11 (82 all-out) by nine wickets. Kumar Saurav scored brilliant 39 runs was Man of the match. Kumar Rajas Deotale scored not out 39 runs.

In second KGSI defeated RCC B by narrow margin of runs.

In less than 12 age group Ambadkar Academy ( 112 ) win the cup by defeating R.C.C by thumping margin of runs.

Raju Kaware, Secretary gave brief introduction about camp being conducted uninterrupted since last 70 years & tournament since last 40 years. Dr. Sanjay Deotale conducted the proceeding & proposed vote of thanks.

Prashant Bhamburkar, Yogesh, Hande, Khamale, Wagade Yadav, Satish, Prassana, Bipin working hard for success of camp & tournament.