Published On : Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Prakash Mehadiya likely to be made new head of NVCC

Nagpur: While the new body of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) is scheduled to be elected on July 12, 2015, the pre-election strategy seems to be in favour of the present vice-president of NVCC, Prakash Mehadiya to be unanimously elected as the next president of the Chamber. The majority in the Chamber’s steering committee is in support of Mehadiya.

The election of the new body will be held as per convention during the annual general meeting on July 12. Some of the members however of the view that the new NVCC president must have deep knowledge of GST and VAT and other technicalities which they feel that Mehadiya lacks. So, they are in a mood to field some contender (preferably some Agrawal) to Mehadiya. On the other hand, Mehadiya has a good experience of social service only, and he lacks the experience of industrial policies.

The steering committee, even much before the election of executive body for 2014-15, had in mind to make Mehadiya the new president of NVCC 2015-16, but then Mehadiya had opted for unanimously making Mayur Panchamatiya the NVCC president.

The opponents of Mehadiya want to do their own because they feel that Mehadiya does not want to listen to any one though they themselves are incapable of protecting the interest of the organisation as well as the community.

Nevertheless, Mehadiya throws his weight among 300-400 NVCC members who wish to always retain him on the executive body. By virtue of this quality, he plays a major role in making president of NVCC. This time he is keeping Raju Vyas, executive body member, close to him with an assurance of making him secretary of NVCC.

It is learnt that the leader of opposition group to Mehadiya wants to induct some Agrawal from Agrasen Mandal as new president of NVCC. If it so happens, the election, for the first time, will become more interesting.