Published On : Tue, Sep 15th, 2015

PR or Pure Emotion? Kangana’s ‘Katti’ with Deepika Padukone!


Call it a conscious reply to promote her upcoming film Katti Batti, or just a relevant equation she shares with her professional rival Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut has clearly stated her ‘katti’ with her.

We’ve been reading stories about their rift since early this year. It all started with an awards ceremony and Deepika’s acknowledgment that the Best Actress award (which was awarded to her) should have been given to Kangana.
In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut, along with co-star Imran Khan and director Nikhil Advani (of Katti Batti), the Queen actress was at her unfiltered best.

While playing a little game of holding up a card of either Katti or Batti for people from the industry, she held up the Katti card for Deepika Padukone. Without blinking an eyelid.

We can’t say that we are surprised. However, Kangana’s nonchalance towards the issue was the surprise element.
“I just want to be left alone,” she said, upon being asked about why she held up the Katti card.

During the interview, she mentioned several times, that “some people” need to mind their own business and stop meddling in her life.

Of course, she was praised for always been honest, but thanks Kangana, for showing us exactly how it would be like to be in your bad books.