Published On : Fri, Jul 10th, 2015

Power generation affected by water-scarcity!

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Nagpur: The shortage of water is affecting the electricity generation in Koradi power plant is affected as 5 units of 1130 MW are shut down. While the same is the situation at Parli power generation plant, Koradi has shut its 1 unit of 210 MW, and another unit of 200 MW, in all 2 units.

According to a Mahagenco expert, the shut down units cannot be restarted unless there is a heavy rainfall to provide sufficient water. As on this date, the chances of heavy rainfall seem to be meek. The shortage of rainfall will reduce the power generation capacity of Mahagenco to just a half of it; that is to say, it will come down to 3530 MW from current capacity of 7980 MW.

As per details pertaining to Parli power plant, due to the shortage of water Unit-3 of 210 MW was shut down on June 14, 2015; Unit-6 of 250 MW was shut down on June 25. Earlier, Unit-4 of 210 MW was closed due to vibrations in the turbine, and though it was restarted but again got shut down on July 5 due to shortage of water. In addition to this, Unit-5 of 210 MW and Unit-2 of 250 MW were also required to be shut down. As a result, the entire Parli power plant is remaining closed and awaiting the heavy rainfall for survival.

In case of Koradi also two units of 200 MW capacity and 210 MW capacity are shut down and another Unit-6 is shut down since March due to financial reasons.
Similarly, in case of Chandrapur Unit-1 of 210 MW is shut down due to financial reasons while a 500 MW unit is shut down for annual maintenance. In respect of Khaparkheda Unit-4 of 210 MW is also shut down for want of annual maintenance.

In this way, about 12 units across the state are shut down while the demand for electricity is touching 16000 MW in the state.
(Slug): Renovation of Unit-6 at Koradi

The renovation of Unit-6 at Koradi is awaiting the approval on agreement between Mahagenco and the BHEL. The said unit will run on coal-based fuel, and its renovation expenditure is Rs 350 crore (as loan) and Rs 85 crore (as grant). The renovation work of the said unit will be jointly done by BHEL, Tech-Pro (Chennai), ABB (Bangaluru) and TATA Consultancy within a period of 8 months.

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