Published On : Mon, Jun 26th, 2017

Power companies on a downfall, Many companies lined up for auction


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Nagpur/ Raipur:
 Once a time ago there was a continuous scarcity of the electricity in many states of India. But during last decade things have been changed. electricity production has been increased and alternate sources have been tried. Due to which the production is more than the demand. The power demand till 2022 has been lessened by the Central power authority up-to 235 Gigawatt’s. While it was 289 Gigawatt before. Due to this decrease the power sector is facing many problems and their income has been dropped by 13% yearly, and pure profit has been lacked by 7%.

According to sources, candle power plants of worth 25000 megawatt owned by Lenco, KSK, JP, Jindal, Indiabull, GMR, Aethena and others in country are lined up for auction. This all power plants are either ready to function or nearly completed. The officials hailing to this companies said that, the central power authority is neglecting this power plants to release the load on their records. But irony is that, no one is ready to buy them. According to power experts the the number of trapped assets is gradually increasing. The business activities are slowed down. The condition of the state electricity board is also miserable. NTPC and other units are fulfilling the current power demands. The individual electricity projects also have been affected due this proceedings.