Published On : Tue, Mar 17th, 2015

Posts of NIT Trustees for a grab. At any cost?

Aspirants in BJP and Shiv Sena in hot race to occupy the posts.


Political atmosphere in Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) is witnessing a heat as posts of Trusties are in for a grab. The aspirants for the “bountiful” posts are leaving no stones unturned to be in the chairs. The NIT is run by a Chairman and Trustees. The Budget for financial year 2015-16 has been pegged at Rs 850 crore. The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance has stormed to power in State after toppling the 15-year rule of Congress-NCP. Now, a Trustee each from BJP and Shiv Sena has to be appointed but the equations are very dicey. The top leaders of BJP are in race for appointing their nearest and the Shiv Sena leaders are bent on offering the post to richest!

The NIT Trustees are spread over from MLAs, Corporators, Standing Committee Chairman, and ruling parties in the State. A post from MLA quota has been lying vacant and the possibility is that the North Nagpur MLA Milind Mane could be the man of matter. At present, the post of Trustee from Corporator quota is full with BJP’s Chhotu Bhoyar firmly in saddle. Another Trustee is Chairman of Standing Committee and Ramesh Singare has occupied the chair. Now, a Trustee each from ruling BJP and Shiv Sena has to be appointed and here lies the race. BJP’s Munna Yadav could steal the honour being close to the Chief Minister since years. However, according to sources, Shiv Sena has a different plan. Instead of offering the post to any loyal Shivsainik as was the tradition the party has decided to tread a new path. The party is cherishing to ‘auction’ the Trustee post to ‘strongest bidder,’ said the sources.

Sources further said that in recent days the Shiv Sena has influentially emerged as party of money raisers. At that time, Congress encouraged and supported Shiv Sena to finish the Communist Party in Maharashtra. That time the party was busy in Union activities in Mumbai’s factories and used to collect huge money in order to run the party. This habit has become Shiv Sena chief’s main weapon. In this context, the post of NIT Trustee is for ‘sale.’ ‘Bidder’ could be anyone and would be accepted. No need to waste time, said the sources.

According to sources, not every Shiv Sena leader or ‘loyal worker’ is interested in becoming NIT Trustee. Mangesh Kashikar is craving for Housing Board. Kishore Kumeria has been appointed Group Leader in NMC and member of Standing Committee as well. Moreover, even if Kumeria desires to occupy the Trustee post he is probably not in a position to ‘purchase’ the post. Kishore Kanhere is in a position to dent his pockets but is not interested in the NIT position. Satish Harde wants the post ‘free.’ In sum, the Sena quota post is proving ‘too hot to handle.’ The coming days will reveal whether the party has any ‘bidder’ for the NIT Trustee post or the party honours the hardcore Shivsainik by handing over the post in graceful manner, stated sources.

– Rajeev ranjan kushwaha (