Published On : Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Police, Politicians and Politics of transfer – no guesses for who wins!

Nagpur: So, an upright police inspector from Nagpur files charges against a very popular and senior  BJP leader  who was caught on video hurling abuses at police officers. After charges are filed the said BJP leader alleges in a press conference that police have become high handed and misbehave with people, specially youngsters. He cites example of an LLB student.

So now we have the police and the politician arrayed against each other. What does our Honourable Police Commissioner do? Take allegations seriously and probe the matter? Hold an inquiry?

No! Within 24 hours of booking the BJP leader the Police Inspector gets transferred from his post in Ganeshpeth Police station!

The two versions of what transpired

Some published versions say that two youngsters Vaibhav Dixit and Aditya Thakur were driving on a two wheeler towards their friend’s house. When they saw a police picket checking two wheelers for drunk driving they made a U turn, and slipped on the water logged road and fell down. Vaibhav was injured on his head.

Another version, and that put forward by Mr. Tiwari, BJP leader, also says that the boys were unaware there was police checking going on. They turned back to go to ATM which they had missed. As they turned, they heard a shout stopping them, and before they could realize what was happening Vaibhav was hit on his head hard by a lathi. The second blow fell on his shoulder. He lost his balance and fell down. He then discovered that there was a deep gash on his head and blood was flowing. He later called his brother and he asked him to go to police station in Ganeshpeth and register a complain about being beaten.

Dayashankar Tiwari was also beckoned there by some people of the area and when he reached the spot he saw the two youth sitting there still waiting for their complaint to be registered. Vaibhav had a handkerchief tied round his head and was bleeding.

The traffic police who had stopped the boys say the injury happened not due to being hit by the lathi, but because they fell.

Why haven’t the CCTV cameras been checked?

This instance happened near the Eros square where there are many automobile showrooms having CCTV cameras. Why have they not been checked to check what really transpired? There are probably more than 3 establishments that have CCTV, at least one should have captured the happening.

There seem to be no eye witnesses of the case, so it is police version vs. the boys. But cameras will not lie!

Why did Vaibhav not seek medical attention first?

Another question arises as to why Vaibhav’s brother – on learning that Vaibhav had a head injury – not ask him to go to a Doctor or a hospital at once? Why did he advise him to go and register a complain first? Even the hospital can make a police case if they are told that the injury is due to being hit, so why waste time?

Anyway, these are moot points now, but it was important that the Police Commissioner at least should have made a thorough probe before taking ‘action’. (If the transfer can be called that).

Senior Inspector M.K. Chavan, who was posted in Ganeshpeth police station, was transferred to the special branch on Wednesday. On Tuesday, he had booked BJP Corporator Dayashankar Tiwari. Was his transfer then a mere co incidence?

But Nagpur Commissioner of Police K.Venkateshan maintains that the transfer was “credit to merit and seniority”.

The Police Commissiner seems to have played a safe hand. Some would call it a Win – Win situation for both parties.

Because Chavan has been transferred to the coveted Special Crime Department which seems to be the place to send ‘favored’ officers, never mind their performance!

But what about Truth? Isn’t it important to know what really transpired?

Was the traffic police officer Kishor Jadhav, who allegedly hit the boy, really intoxicated? Were the boys drunk?

Why were the boys kept waiting for an hour before complaint was registered and he was taken to Mayo?

Was Duty officer Khandekar trying to shield Jadhav?

All these questions need to be probed fairly. The transfer should not end the matter.