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    Published On : Tue, Mar 11th, 2014

    I have dealt with gangs of Chhota Shakeel, Arun Gawli hard-handedly : PI Dutta Dole

    Nandanwan Police Station In-Charge Inspector Dutta Dole

    combo-picNagpur Today.

    Nandanwan Police Station is regarded as one of the most sensitive and challenging one with a large area under its jurisdiction in the Second Capital. Many heart rending incidents and crime have occurred in Nandanwan area. Some of the reputed cases are Monika Kirnapure Murder case, Raja Ghous firing at policemen case, Kush Kataria.

    With Engineering Colleges, Polytechnic Colleges, fatal accidents, cases of NDPS, security of temples, mosques, crime sensitive areas like Hasanbagh, Bhande Plot, Nandanwan slums, Wathoda Ring Road, Bidgaon village etc has made this jurisdiction a challenge to the police officials. He added that new and far-flung areas have also been included in Nandanwan Police Station recently. They are Tarodi, Pandarna, Bidgaon, Karbi, Rautnagar, and other small villages.

    Newly posted Police Inspector Dutta Dhole is from the 1990 batch.  He became a Police Sub-Inspector in June 2013 and was posted to Nagpur as second Police Inspector of Gittikhadan Police Station. On February 18, 2014 he was posted to Nandanwan Police Station as the Police Station In-charge.

    Nandanwan Police Station, its jurisdiction, prevention, detection and apprehension of criminals in his jurisdiction is going to be a very challenging job for Police Inspector Dutta Dhole.

    In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, he said that this station is going to offer new challenges in a new station with new staff. PI Dhole said that in all Nandanwan PS has 135 staff which includes Head Constables, Constables, Women Police Constables. There are 7 Police Sub-Inspectors and 1 Assistant Police Inspectors (In all 8 officers).

    He said that after he took charge, he noticed that cases of robbery, chain snatching etc are on the rise. He claimed that he is taking steps to control these crimes by increasing Charlie Squad’s patrolling. He added that he is personally going to keep a check on the patrolling and will get regular updates.

    In order to increase the police-public inter-personal relationship and in order to prevent crime, he advised the denizens of Nandanwan area, telling them to be extra careful when they are wearing gold ornaments he advised women to take care of their jewellery in public places. He also advised them to learn self protection techniques. He added that if they must wear gold ornaments, they should be protected and be hidden within the folds of the sarees. While going out for jogging or performing puja early in the morning when the roads are deserted, to avoid wearing gold jewellery. He also asked them to note the registration number of the motorcycle, ring 100 and report the matter to the nearest police station. This will certainly help catch the culprits. He also asked the denizens to check the locks on their doors and to ensure all the windows are properly closed before going to sleep. He asked the denizens to be vigilant and to report any new person seen in the vicinity of their locality or house. If they find anything suspicious they should immediately inform the police. He claimed that people’s participation and effective policing would certainly ensure the crime rate to reduce. He added that the Police are for the protection of the people. All that is required is the co-operation of the citizens. He said that if you come across some secret happenings or a crime in progress, to inform the police immediately.


    He said that during the morning Roll Call, he has started getting updates on the pending investigations, the status of the sensitive areas, occurrences in the night and giving appropriate instructions to ensure a crime free or minimized crime rate in his jurisdiction. He claimed that nobody should face any injustice at least in his jurisdiction.

    He claimed that the jurisdiction of Nandanwan includes many beer bars, Dhabas etc. To add to that there has been previous occurrences of gang wars, many violent property issues, presence of many history-sheeters and externed criminals in the Nandanwan Slum areas and the policemen have to regularly keep a watch over the following of the time limits and adherence of various rules and regulations of the beer bars where the trouble usually begins or brews.

    He said that I will try and ensure that senior citizens do not become victims of any serious crime. He also said that the name and secret informants and secret information provided by them are kept discreet and secret. In order to ensure that he and the policemen in Nandanwan are available round the clock to receive information of any crime, he gave the land line number 0712-2712190. He asked the denizens of Nandanwan to report any crime or ask for any assistance when they are in trouble. To add to that he also provided his personal mobile number 9594089555 for any emergency. He said that anyone can give direct information to him on his number and he will certainly take adequate and appropriate action.

    He said that the Police Head Quarters have provided them with a Peter Van (van with Walkie Talkie), a Patrolling Van, One Mobile Van, one more vehicle for increase in patrolling.

    Police Inspector who is a very calm and composed man, who doesn’t get easily ruffled, in pressure had served in Mumbai Crime Branch. In Mumbai too he was known to have controlled crime to a large extent. He claimed that he has dealt with gangs of Chota Shakeel, Amar Naik and Arun Gawli with a stern hand. He has controlled all such nefarious activities. He said that while performing his duty, he has done four encounters too. He is calm yet with a very sharp mind and one who speaks of upholding justice. Will PI Dhole prove to be true to his word or not remains to be seen? Nearly one month has passed, and an attempt to reduce crime has been initiated.

    -Ravikant Kamble and Samuel Gunasekharan

    PICS BY : Vinay Thorat 

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