Published On : Wed, Nov 25th, 2015

Phase II (B): Citizens’ response to concept of Smart City to be sought on Nov 26-27


Nagpur: The citizens’ response to the concept of Smart City, under Phase II (B) drive, will be sought on November 26 and 27 on vital issues like Retrofitting and Redevelopment.

In order to collect citizens’ opinions, booths will be installed in certain parts of the city.

It may be mentioned that during Phase-I of the drive, the opinion of 6436 citizens were sought, and all of them gave first priority to cleanliness, and the next was safety or security to citizens. In this drive, public views on safety or security will be obtained.

During the first Phase, the citizens opined on situation of uncleanly state as follows: 25% citizens drew attention towards garbage dumping on streets, 21% drew attention to spitting on streets and smoking, 20% were against open defecation and urination, 10% were against cattle roaming on streets, 10% against irregular lifting of garbage, 7% were against faults in sewage and drainage lines, 4% were against leakage of pipe lines, making areas filthy, 94% were for classification of garbage, 91% were for wet garbage management, 92% citizens said that they would not do open area defecation or urination, 82% stressed the need for paying Re 1 as cleanliness charge per day, and 91% said that they would cooperate with NMC for maintaining hygiene.

Meanwhile certain concepts were invited from citizens for smart city, and as many as 1365 concepts were received, and they would be discussed soon.