Published On : Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

Petrol Pump owner attacked for petrol: threatened to kill

CCTV captures the entire crime in action. Police provided with the footage based on which they are hunting for the accused

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Nagpur News

Two persons attacked a petrol pump owner for petrol. The incident occurred on Monday the July 7, 2014 in day light at the Petrol Pump situated at the busy Telephone Exchange Square. The Lakhadganj police have registered a case against the accused. Meanwhile the office-bearers of Vidarbha Petrol Dealers Association (VPDA) have condemned the incident and have demanded immediate arrest of the accused.

Jaikishan Kabra aged 26 years owns a petrol pump in Telephone exchange square. On Monday morning at around 10 am, the petrol was being refilled into their under-ground tank. At that moment Izaz Khan aged 30 years came along with his friend to fill petrol in his two-wheeler. The petrol pump attendants told Izaz Khan that it will take some time for them to vend the petrol since petrol is being refilled into their under-ground storage tank. Izaz Khan parked his two-wheeler near the pump and went to the place where Petrol was being transferred from the Petrol Carrier to the under-ground storage tank.

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Since petrol is a very highly inflammable substance, common men are not permitted to stand near the under-ground storage tank while it is being refilled. Since Izaz’s movements and behavior were suspicious, he was asked to move away from the spot. However, Izaz did not move even a muscle.

When Izaz did not listen and move away in-spite of repeated requests, Jaikishan scolded him. This angered Izaz and he started using abusive words and profanity. Suddenly Izaz and his friend pounced on Jaikishan and started attacking him. As soon as the employees saw their boss being beaten, they became alert. While some ran to save him, others informed the police about the incident. However, as soon as the police reached the spot, both the accused fled from the scene.

Izaz Khan a resident of Azamshah Square is known to have criminal tendencies. Izaz had allegedly threatened to kill Jaikishan. Jaikishan has suffered minor injuries. On the basis of his complaint the Lakhadganj Police has registered a case against the offender or accused and is investigating further.

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Vidarbha Petrol Dealers Association decry incident
The office bearers of Vidarbha Petrol Dealers Association (VPDA) have condemned the incident in very strong words. They claimed that for the past few days, the Petrol-Diesel dealers are facing many problems even when a small incident occurs in the transportation of petrol from the depot to the pump. The incident which occurred on Monday is the said to be a result of such an incident. This kind of incidents has occurred in other petrol pumps too. The Petrol Pumps owners have requested cooperation from the masses and protection from the police.

Kabra’s father was shot at and his bag with cash was looted
Around 15 years ago, Jaikishan Kabra’s father Rajkumar Kabra was shot at and his bag containing cash was looted at broad day light.
Rajkumar was going to the bank to deposit the cash. Meanwhile the looters tried to snatch the bag containing cash from him. Rajkumar did not leave the bag. At this the looters fired at him and the bullet hit him on his foot. Even after being injured when Rajkumar did not part with his bag, the looters had fired a volley of bullets and after killing him, fled with the bag. However, they were apprehended later. The looters were said to hail from some other neighboring state. When asked, the looters of his motives, they just wanted to loot him and not to kill. However, since Rajkumar refused to part with the bag, they were forced to kill him.

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