Published On : Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

People’s participation is must for controlling crime in Nagpur, says DCP Masirkar


As we mature from one stage of advancement to another in almost all spheres of our life, the value to fellow beings seems to be diminishing.

In the recent murder incident of a trader in Telipura in Sitabuldi area, one look at the CCTV footage will make it amply clear, how two customers of Bharat Brijesh Khatwani of Hello World, Mobile Shop were mute spectators to the daylight daring stabbing of the trader. There were more than 8-9 persons in close vicinity to the victim. Even if all of them had shown some daring and cornered the accused, they would have been apprehended and penalized. However, what happened in reality is very appalling. All the customers ran away when the trader was being stabbed and the other shopkeepers downed their shutters and fled the scene. This was opined by DCP (Crime) Deepali Masirkar.

After nearly 10-15 minutes some of them dared to take him to the hospital. During this period also called as the ‘Golden Hour’ in medical parlance, the victim lost ample amount of blood.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepali Masirkar, looking after Crime and Economic Offences Wing of Nagpur City, said that people are quick to blame the police for every crime. They want the police to be present at every scene where a crime has been committed so that they can prevent the crime from happening. While speaking about the recent case she added that when the police requested the neighbouring shop owners to come forward to testify or give an eye-witness account, the shopkeepers used their contacts to bring pressure on the cops not to hassle them.

Hafta Wasooli (extortion) is going on in many areas including Telipura in Sitabuldi. Sources claimed that the deceased had paid extortion money twice before but this time, he somehow refused to pay extortion and when the verbal threat increased, he had allegedly said that do what you want to I will not pay you extortion money. This had led to the murder, opined some. However, DCP Deepali Masirkar asked why are the traders hesitant in approaching the police when they receive the first call demanding extortion money? She told Nagpur Today that this killing and other murders are work of habitual or known offenders. She has asked the policemen of Charlie Commando Squads and the regular police officials to keep a tab on the activities of all known and habitual offenders.

DCP Masirkar also opined that public at large should come forward to report illegal activities, presence of known offenders at any place, suspicious activities etc. This will help in reducing the crime rate as well as in prevention, detection and apprehension of offenders.