Published On : Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

“People needs to stop believing that everything Media says is true.” said Irfan Khan at Promotion of “Talvar” releasing on 2nd October 2015

Irfan Khan Interview (1)
Arushi Murder case or the NOIDA double murder rocked the nation as it disturbed the moral fabric of common Indian Families. And now when Meghna Gulzar, daughter of renowned Lyricist Gulzar, is coming up with a movie based on this tragic murder case, it is definitely a noteworthy event. Irfan Khan is promoting the movie and had a tête-à-tête with Media persons at Mumbai.

NT: “When you first gone through this film script, did you find it morally shocking and emotionally disturbing?”
Irfan : “Yes, The story of the film is on the real incidence and the double murder case which shook the nation just because of the fact that the parents were charged for killing their own daughter. It is something unusual and wrong at many levels that it was intriguing and disturbing at the same time.”

NT: “So how did you approach this role?”
Irfan : “I met the guys who did this investigation and the officer in-charge. I heard their narration about it and tried to understand that they may have gone through during the investigation of the case. Then of-course discussed with the Director and chose the best ways to execute this task.”

NT: “This case was very much highlighted in the media. What do you think about it?”
Irfan: “I think that people need to stop believing that everything which Media tells them, is true. Because media has its own limitations, interests and many times due to circumstances, they can not tell the complete truth. So people need to start thinking and checking all the facets of a news before they approve of a version given to them by Media.”

Irfan Khan Interview
“You play an investigating officer in this movie which has a serious and sensitive treatment and you have played an investigation officer in a masala entertainer like “Gundey” too. So how do you approach similar roles differently?”
Irfan: “Yes, there is a lot of difference in doing similar role in different movies. First of all the sensibilities and treatment of the film defines which kind of performance it needs. Then the Director’s perspective is a major factor in designing a character and I try to give valuable inputs wherever possible from my side. The portrayal in “Talvar” kind of cinema will be more realistic, underplayed and subtle compared to mainstream entertainers where more importance is style, looks and outer impression.”

NT: “So from two of these similar roles, which did you enjoy the most?”
Irfan: “Both. As and actor, we want to do different roles and similar roles in different styles. I am lucky to get such roles.”

NT: “There are memes on social media that you are the only Khan whose movie are making 1000s of crores while others do 100s. So has this become a major concern of you now?”
Ifran : “Not at all. I always believe that money is a bi-product. Money is important but it shall be a bi-product of the work you love to do. I am following it since start of my career and will always try to do so. I choose my movies based its scripts.”

NT: “You are very well representing India on the International front, and now Priyanka Chopra is also debuting in west with Quantico. So do you think doing work in west is really a career growth for an actor or it is just a perception?”
Irfan: “First of all, it is very good that Priyanka is doing such a good job. Best wishes to her. Secondly, I do believe working in international cinema is a career growth because it reaches a much wider audience and brings opportunities to be part of different stories which sometimes is limited in a smaller market.”

Irfan talked candidly about many aspects of the film, his career and was very friendly and relaxed contrary to the perception people have about him. NT wishes best of luck to him for his movie “Talvar” which is releasing this week on 2nd October 2015.

By Prashen Kyawal