Published On : Tue, Aug 2nd, 2016

Peculiar trend : Hate for cow killers but love for leathers!

nagpur GaurakhshaksNagpur: A fresh new breed of cow saviours or Gaurakshaks to be precise, is out to protect gaumata and have literally waged a war against those found on the opposite end. However one trend which doesn’t match the idiosyncrasy being flaunted by these cow protectors, is their extreme love for pure leather finely made out of the cattle’s skin. This double standard has boggled many minds who have questioned the effectiveness of their move! “If they really want to protect the cause, why would they not support it with full mindedly. Why they love to wear shoes, designer chappals and other goodies made out of leather made from the hides of cows, buffaloes and similar other animals,” questions an environmentalist who wished not to be named.

Gaurakhshaks nagpurMoreover, many stray cattle including cows die in the road accidents every year. Especially on the highways it poses serious life threat to both the humans and animals. “Why do these gaurakshaks ignore this trend killing many cows. Why don’t they step up to protect cows’ lives being killed in road accidents?,” questions another citizen.

Gaurakhshaks city nagpurMore recently BJP has been in the line of fire from protesting dalit groups across the country after many vigilante cow-protection groups beat up a dalit youth in Una, followed by beating up of two Muslim women in Madhya Pradesh in the name of cow protection.

GaurakhshaksLeather can be made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. Since leather is normally not labeled, you never really know where it came from. Cow hide is the natural, unbleached skin of a cow. Cowhides are a natural product. Cow hide is usually processed into leather, which can be used to make such things as shoes, wallets, leather jackets, and belts.

It’s time to act!

What was surprising to be witnessed was the very enthusiastic Gaurakshaks of Bajrang Dal who held a morcha (agitation) against growing incidents of killing and smuggling of cows, were seen wearing leather belts, shoes and sandals. Nobody knows as to which leather was used to make these belts, shoes and sandals. If they are so passionate about the killing of cows, they should denounce wearing leather goods and instead choose to wear rubber or plastic goods. Easier said than done isn’t it?

nagpur city GaurakhshaksDuring freedom movement, on Gandhiji’s call, foreign made cloth was denounced and patriotic Indians chose to wear cloths made of Khadi. The old citizens tell how people just piled attires made of foreign cloth on squares and set fire to it.

Why do these gaurakshaks not emulate the same?

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