Patole’s new twist: ‘Judge Loya was not staying at Ravi Bhavan on the day of his death’

Nana Patole
Nagpur: Giving a new twist to the raging controversy over death of Special CBI Judge B H Loya, the former MP and Congress leader Nana Patole has come out with a startling revelation. “The day Judge Loya died, he was not staying at Ravi Bhavan at all,” Patole said. To justify his claim, Patole has given reference of Visitors’ Register of Ravi Bhavan.

According to Patole, there is no entry regarding the stay of late Judge Loya in Ravi Bhavan Visitors’ Register. Patole showed some pages of the Visitors’ Register to media persons during his press conference held in city on Saturday.

According to police and government record, Judge Loya died in the morning of December 1, 2014. Patole did not produce any entry record of this date as a proof but certainly claimed that there is no entry in Visitors’ Register regarding stay of Judge Loya in Ravi Bhavan. On the other hand, there is entry of BJP President Amit Shah’s stay in the month of March.

The former MP and Congress leader, taking a serious note of the matter, has demanded an impartial investigation of the case. “The allegations levelled by the late Judge’s sister and father are serious and must be clarified. The one judge who was hearing a very serious matter was not provided adequate security. Moreover, he was taken to hospital in an auto. Even though the death has been termed as natural, there is vast difference between the post-mortem report and the preliminary investigation report of police. The statement of the judge’s son, who is only 14-year old, cannot be relied upon to justify cause of death as natural. A sitting judge should not give public statement. Justice Shukre and Justice Gavai had given statement. Judge Loya’s death was natural or a murder must be revealed,” Patole demanded.

‘My rebellion and rebellion in judiciary similar’
Nana Patole said that for the first time in nation’s history, the judges of Supreme Court held conference and raised questions over events in the Supreme Court that left them with no choice but to address the nation. The judges said that the administration of the nation’s top court was not in order, he said and added that it shows how much pressure is on judiciary. “I joined Congress also for upholding constitutional system. My rebellion and the rebellion in judiciary is similar,” Patole quipped.