Published On : Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Parking slot at multi-storied Haldiram building in Sitabuldi “missing,” road traffic takes a hit!!

Haldiram buldi

The next time you visit the busy Abhyankar Road near Munje Square in Sitabuldi for having a bite or two at mouthwatering snacks of the multi-storied Haldiram Restaurant, prefer to go walking or leave your vehicles at other place.

The multi-storied building of Restaurant offers no parking facility or the facility, if any, is captured by ‘other things’ other than the vehicles of customers. This ‘missing parking slot’ will force you park your vehicles haphazardly on the road and at your risk, too.

The haphazardly parked vehicles are sure to be lifted by Traffic police or throw the smooth traffic haywire as the place is not an ‘authorized parking slot’. More shockingly, in the official NMC records there is parking place but where the place is the big question. In sum, the vehicle owners find themselves hassled and harassed for no facility of parking at the spot.

According to sources, any complaint to NMC Administration is diverted to Dhantoli Zone. The Dhantoli Zone in return points out fingers to Town Planning Department and the Town Planning Department direct the complainant back to top officials in NMC Headquarters, again. The vicious circle goes on and on.

But with no solution in sight. According to a complainant, the Dhantoli Zone says the Restaurant has enough parking place to even accommodate a bus. But the officials are not ready to show where the parking place is.

According to sources, the ‘Dadagiri’ of Haldiram Restaurant in Sitabuldi could not flourish but for the connivance with top NMC officials. With the ‘blesssings’ of top babus the owners of restaurant care a hoot for any ‘adventure.’

Moreover, the higher reach with some bigwig politicians desist officials from taking any punitive action against the ‘Dabang’ restaurant owners. Had it been a small time hotelier, the bulldozer would have done its job perfectly, said the sources.

Water connection snapped at Dharampeth Restaurant:
According to information, sensation prevailed at Haldiram’s Dharampeth Restaurant when its water connection was snapped by the NMC authorities for some dubious reasons. The owners reportedly defaulted in payment of water bills in lakhs for months together.

Whenever there is demand for remittance of pending water bills the concerned officials are ‘silenced’ by sweet packets. But when the water flew over the heads the officials had no alternative but to snap the water connections on the instant directive of a top Dharampeth Zone official.

The water connection will be restored  after payment of the pending bills, warned the officials. However, nefarious efforts are being made on the part of directors of Restaurant to get the water connection restored without clearing the water bills, said the sources.