Published On : Mon, Jun 15th, 2020

Parents stage ‘No School, No Fees’ protest at Podar International School at Besa

Nagpur: Parents of students studying in Besa-based Podar International School staged angry protest under “No School, No Fees” campaign on Monday. The protest was staged under the banner of Vidarbha Parents Association. A delegation of protesting parents later submitted a memorandum to School Principal Shahu highlighting their various demands.

The President of Vidarbha Parents Association Sandeep Agrawal, who led the protest, said that despite the State Government’s directive to the schools not to recover fees from students for the lockdown period, the Podar International School was harassing the parents for fees. “It is absolutely inappropriate to recover fees. Moreover, despite the government directives, the school management has been ‘looting’ the parents by forcible sale of school uniforms and books,” Agrawal said and warned that if the school management continues the ‘illegal act,’ an intense agitation will be launched in coming days. The sale of uniform and books within the school premises has also been prohibited. The guidelines issued in this context also state that the uniform once introduced in school should be carried on for at least three years and no change in the colour and design of school uniform be introduced in that period. So, the malpractice needs to be checked and the parents/students may not be compelled to buy new books, he said.

The memorandum submitted by the parents including Prachi Madam, Jagdish Sharma, Rakesh Sharma and others demanded waiver of three months fees during lockdown and reduction of fees by 50 percent for the new academic year. The parents also demanded halting of online education. The School Principal Shahu heard the grievances of parents patiently and sought three days time to look into the matter. Shahu assured to put the parents’ demands before the management and a joint meeting of parents and Vidarbha Parents Association with the management of the school.

The other members of the delegation include Mohan Kothekar, Pankaj Kalbandhe, Girish Dadelwar, Nishant Gupta, Amar Khadse, Amit Ghosin, Shrikant Girepunje, Ganesh Patil and others.

Centre Point School:
Agrawal further said that a delegation of office-bearers of Vidarbha Parents Association and parents will submit a memorandum to management of Centre Point School at 9.30 am on Tuesday pressing for their various demands. “Due to lockdown, the financial condition of mane parents took a hit. Despite this, the parents are being forced to pay fees for the three months. According to government orders, no fees have to be recovered from students for the lockdown period. But the school is violating the directives and harassing the parents for fees. “The fees for the lockdown period should be waived off and fees for the new academic year should be reduced by 50 percent. The online education for class 8 students should be started. Further, the school management should not indulge in ‘coercive sale’ of school uniforms, shoes, textbooks and other educational material,” Agrawal demanded.