Published On : Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Pardi: Dispute over gambling den leads to gangwar

Nagpur: Unidentified goons attacked the house of notorious Lanjewar brothers in Kalamna area following a dispute over a gambling den on Sunday midnight.
This incident may pre-empt a gangwar in Kalamna area, said police. The attack by armed goons was done at the instance of one Salman Baba, who is also considered as the kingpin in the fake currency racket, it was learnt. Cops have arrested the accomplices of Salman Baba.

Lihigaon is a village on the border of Kalamna police station. Sources said that a gambling den is running in Lihigaon for quite some days.

This den falls under the jurisdiction of Kamptee police station. The den runs in two shifts. While the ruffians from Kamptee monitor the den during day shift, the goons from Kalamna monitor the den during night shift. Salman Baba is a partner in this den.

An altercation ensued between Salman Baba and the Lanjewar brothers including Jagdish and namdev over the sharing of profits of the den. As a result of this, Salman launched a murderous assault on the house of Lanjewar brothers along with his accomplices including Sarauddin, Gajju Uikey, Bhavesh Verma, Santosh, Golu Wagh, Mangesh Kadu and others at 12.30 pm on the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.

Lanjewar brothers run a restaurant by the name of Ma Ambe at their house. When the armed goons reached his house, both the brothers were not present. Salman and their accomplices then threatened Namdev’s wife Neeta of dire consequences. They brandished a sword to her.

In the meantime, hearing the news of cops arrival, the goons made good their escape. However, police were able to nab Mangesh Kadu.

Interestingly, Lanjewar brothers, who have a major presence in Pardi area, have patronage of politicians too. Salman Baba was caught running a fake currency racket two years ago. Some weapons were also recovered from his possession. He is a known goon of the locality.

Sources revealed that the fake currency was brought into circulation in the gambling den itself.