Published On : Mon, Jul 25th, 2016

Paralytic man ends life, writes down poignant words for wife with his blood

Hawrapeth Suicide
In a touching incident, a 37-year old man, afflicted by paralysis, ended his life by slashing his hand veins with a razor and apologized to his wife by writing a few heart-breaking words with his own blood. The man, before breathing his last, wrote down “Sunita Mujhe Maaf Kar Dena” (Sunita, please forgive me) on the wall of his house with the help of gushed blood. A pall of gloom descended on the area and the residents could not control their tears.

The deceased, Deepak Devraj Chikate (37), resident of Jagdeesh Apartment, Hawrapeth, was struck by paralysis four years ago. The bolt not only left him without a job but also turned his life miserable. Deepak’s wife Sunita is a teacher in a private school and is running the house. On Saturday morning, Sunita went to school as usual totally unmindful of a terrible incident stalking her home. Deepak, who was alone in the house, decided to end his life, and along with it, his misery.

He anyhow took out a razor blade and cut the veins of his hand. As the gushing blood slowly and steadily was sniffing out his life, Deepak managed to write down a few poignant words for his wife. “Sunita, please forgive me” were the words Deepak jotted down with his own blood on the wall of his room before collapsing. Around 4 pm, Sunita came back home and knocked the door anticipating Deepak will open it. But no one opened the door. She called Deepak but got no response. Scared, Sunita peeped from a window and found Deepak lying on floor, blood soaked. She shouted for help. Hearing her shrill cries, neighbours gathered there only to know the tragic happening. Ajni police were also informed. PSI R L Ghuge and his team rushed to the scene and broke open the door. But it was too late as Deepak had breathed his last due to excessive bleeding. The scenario in the room resembled a horror movie with blood splattered all over the bed and floor. But what left everyone stunned was the last act Deepak did for Sunita.

It is learnt that Deepak had earlier attempted to end his life thrice out of the misery a paralytic patient undergoes.