Published On : Fri, Jul 17th, 2015

Paper-borne cooperative societies to face trouble!

A survey to be made by September 30,2015

Nagpur: The state cooperative department is going to take stern action against those cooperative societies which are existing only on paper, but not in reality. A survey to this effect will be carried out by personally visiting the villages in this regard and the task will be completed by September 30, 2015, said district deputy registrar, Satish Bhosale.

It is found that a network of cooperative societies is spread all over the district. Many of them were opened by showing some objectives in their bylaws, and once the objective is attained their directors or founders pay no heed to their societies. Even it has become difficult to trace those societies which were opened in the name of housing construction, small industries, employment and consumer welfare.

The cooperative department has not physically inspected such societies even after serving notices to their auditors for obtaining society’s audit report. Many societies are not found during online search. Taking all these anomalies into consideration, the cooperative department officials, audit officials and employees will personally visit the villages in tracing out all such registered societies. Those societies which are functioning will be asked to get their applications/ registrations renewed, and those which are not existing will be shut down and stern action will be taken against such erring societies, said Satish Bhosale.

There are as many as 5010 cooperative societies in Nagpur district, of which only 3981 societies are actually functioning. As many as 3627 societies are online and 3501 are duly verified.

Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (