Published On : Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Panchpaoli Police arrest 3 in Divyang’s murder within 3 hours with help of CCTV footage


Nagpur: Quick action, CCTV footage and sustained questioning of the suspected accused yielded results and the accused were arrested within three hours of receiving the report of the murder on June 15, 2016.

According to Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Sharma and Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajkumar, this murder of the Divyang was committed in a fit of rage. None of the three accused involved in the murder have any previous criminal record.

The cops started the investigation with going reverse from the discovery of the crime. They investigated on the last person or person who had seen him alive.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajkumar said that the cops of the Detective Branch of Panchpaoli Police Station got the CCTV footage of the spot and on close look they noticed the three accused walking with the Divyang Krushnarao Ganpatrao Hedao.

The three accused who were noticed in the CCTV footage were identified as:

  1. Chandu Sahare, aged 30 years and a resident of Plot No 6/17, VHP Colony Balabhaupeth, Panchpaoli. He is said to be the main accused.
  2. Ayub alias Raju Saiyad Abdul Gani aged 35 years and resident of Plot No 6/17, Opposite to Sindhi-Hindi High School, Balabhaupeth Panchpaoli, and known to be an electrician and
  3. Prashant Milindrao Paitankar aged 29 years and resident of Plot No 365, near Balabhaupeth Vithoba Akhada Panchpaoli. He is known to have lost a job of a hotel waiter and was temporarily working here with the co-accused.

DCP Rajkumar said that all the three were working with a country liquor vend in serving water, washing the glasses etc. The three were said to be working as the caterers. The entire episode is said to have occurred over a very petty quarrel of the deceased Divyang not serving water to the main accused. On completion of their duty they were walking back to their house, since they were all (accused and deceased) residents of the same area.

The main accused Chandu Sahare was scolding the deceased and the deceased is said to have used some abusive words, which irked the accused. The main accused Chandu Sahare is said to have kicked the deceased Divyang Krushnarao Ganpatrao Hedao who fell down since he was disabled from both his leg. Both the co-accused Ayub alias Raju Saiyad Abdul Gani and Prashant Milindrao Paitankar are alleged to have encouraged the accused saying since he is down, why do you want to let the opportunity to go waste, go ahead and kill him.

This encouragement along with pent up anger had caused the main accused Chandu Sahare to take out his vegetable cutting knife and holding the head drawn to the rear, started attacking the deceased on his neck. The deceased had sustained nearly three very fatal wounds to his neck causing the deceased to breathe his last on the spot.

The CCTV footage of the main accused Chandu Sahare running towards the deceased had diverted the attention of the cops for some time. On questioning it came to fore that the accused had ran back to ascertain if the victim had actually died or not.

The detection and apprehending the accused was carried out under the Directions of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-3) Rajkumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Lakhadganj Division) Machindra Chavhan and under the guidance of In-Charge of Panchpaoli Police Station PI R T Bahadure by Assistant Police Inspector Arjun Godepatil, Police Sub Inspector C B Chavhan, Police Constable Anil Thakur, Nayak Police Constable Rajesh Deshmukh, Nayak Police Constables Roshan Tiwari, Gyaneshwar Jadav, Pradeep Pawar and Aviraj Bhagwat.