Published On : Thu, May 26th, 2016

Panchpaoli cops showed haste in booking us: Ritesh Borkar

Panchpaoli cops show haste in booking two employees of a news channel for demanding extortion of Rs 3 lakhs

Nagpur: While condemning the act of the cops of Panchpaoli Police Station who registered a case against two employees of a News Channel City Vidarbha News for demanding extortion of Rs 3 lakhs on May 25, 2016, at a press meet organized in Tilak Patrakar Bhavan, Ritesh Borkar said that all the accusations and allegations made by the Doctor is baseless and lies.

He claimed that this entire case is that of vengeance since he had done a sting operation on the doctor and the kind of wrongful incidents occurring in the Hope Hospital.

According to Ritesh Borkar, certain agents and bogus doctors keep moving in the campus of IGGMCH and GMCH who convince the patients coming there to go to Hope Hospital for better and cheaper treatment. In the sting operation, the entire video of the modus-operandi of these agents was captured and how patients land up at Hope Hospital. At that the journalist had registered a case with Panchpaoli Police Station too and a case was registered against Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal. However, for best reasons known to him, the case was closed.


However, the Police Press note said that the victim identified as Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal aged 47 years and a resident of LIC Square Sadar. According to Police sources, the accused employees of a local Cable TV Channel identified as Ritesh Borkar and Tushar Gagne and an unidentified person had approached the victim Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal and had demanded a sum of Rs 3 lakhs for covering up the news of a particular patient who was fleeced a heavy fee for treating the poor patient identified as Nitin Hathimare even when the Hope Hospital situated on Kamptee Road gets subsidy under the Rajeev Gandhi Jeevandayi Yojana. The employees of a local Cable TV Channel had approached the victim Doctor and threatened to publish a news article of a Doctor fleecing patients. The frightened Doctor had allegedly paid an amount of Rs 2,83,900/- (Rs two lakh eighty four thousand) to the employees of a local Cable TV Channel in installment from April 5, 2016 to May 24, 2016. The employees had allegedly taken the money to give it to the poor patient (as a reimbursement of the amount he spend on the treatment). However, when the employees of a local Cable TV Channel had started harassing the victim doctor repeatedly with a demand for the remaining amount of Rs 16,100/-, the doctor lodged a complaint with the Panchpaoli Police Station.


After getting a green signal from the senior police officials, Police Sub Inspector Tayde of Panchpaoli Police Station has registered a case under sections 385, 384, 34 of Indian Penal Code and has initiated an investigation against the accused duo.

While clarifying the entire incident quoted above, Ritesh Borkar said that when he was doing the sting operation he had met Nitin Hathimare.

Nitin Hathimare a resident of Anjangaon, Dist Amravati was undergoing treatment at Hope Hospital. However, Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal treatment had only worsened the condition of his legs. The infection had deteriorated.
At that time, the accused doctor Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal had convinced the patient Nitin Hathimare to go to Dr Chandak in Sitabuldi area. He assured to pay all the charges that would take to treat the patient.

According to Nitin Hathimare, one more day’s delay would have resulted in amputation of his legs. He is since undergoing treatment at Chandak’s Hospital. Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal had infact given Rupees two lakhs eighty five thousand directly to Dr Chandak for the treatment. A letter was also issued (handwritten and signed) by Dr B K Murli dated May 4, 2016 claiming that he will pay the entire expenses of the treatment of the patient.

Ritesh Borkar claimed that he had never gone to Hope Hospital after the sting operation. He said that one can view the CCTV footage at Hope Hospital to prove that he never went there. He also claimed that the Dr Murlibal Sundar Kathiamal cannot prove any phone records of the demand for the extortion money.
He claimed that this is a case of vengeance.

The victim Doctor to is not very innocent. He was involved with an Australian lady and had allegedly married her. After marrying her, the Doctor had allegedly deserted his wife. On the basis of the complaint by the wife of the Doctor, a case was registered against the doctor in Panchpaoli Police Station. Many complaints of other patients too are lodged with Panchapaoli Police Station. However, for best reasons known to them, they have not taken cognizance of these complaints.